Why does cancer ruin the opportunities in love?


In love, Cancer, you are a very special person. You came into the world to love and be loved and for that reason, you greatly value any type of relationship. At some point in your life, you want to find that person who complements you to the fullest and with whom you can make all those future plans that you have in mind right now. But, Cancer, there are times when, without being aware of it, you end up removing the love of your life. These are the three ways in which you ruin your chances of love:

You are a person who always fights to the end. You are someone, Cancer, who relies heavily on the goodness of others. And therein lies the problem… that you continue to trust people even when they have already shown you that they cannot be trusted. Because you are one of those who believes that people can change, that, at some point, they can become good. But it is not like that ... Cancer, it is very difficult for you to leave the people of the past behind and turn the page. You are missing many opportunities for not wanting to accept reality.
You are so caring and kind, Cancer, that you still give 100% of your heart and love to people who really don’t deserve it. You bet to the maximum for people who are not reciprocal and who do not even know how to value everything you give. You don’t value yourself enough, Cancer, and in the end you end up wasting your time with people like that instead of spending it with people who really are worth it.
You blame yourself too much when relationships fail instead of accepting and realizing that it was the other person’s fault. You have such a heart, Cancer, that you are able to accept that it was all your fault instead of blaming others. You are losing many possibilities to truly love by not realizing reality in time, Cancer. From now on, you have to leave everything that does not deserve you behind from the beginning. If you feel that someone does not value you, someone does not know how to understand you, they do not deserve your time, not even a single second. It is time to stop ruining all those possibilities that love puts before you and that you lose because of loving the wrong people.

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