Why does aries ruin the opportunities in love?


Aries, admit it… When it comes to letting a person into your heart, you don’t allow it to be just anyone. You are not superficial, you are not even looking for the perfect person, but you do not want someone you do not even know to walk in and have a chance to play with your heart. But there are times when you make mistakes, Aries ... There are times when you get too obsessed with finding real love and forget about other things. These are the three ways in which you ruin the opportunities that love gives you:

Again and again, Aries, you keep looking for someone who brings passion and excitement to the fullest in your life when really, you should be looking for someone who makes you feel safe. Passion can be good for one night, or for a simple adventure. But in reality, passion is going to make your relationship last longer or stronger ... Yes, it is something important in a relationship, but for you the security that a person transmits should also be important to you. Aries, you should start looking for someone with whom you can share part of a romance, a loyal friendship.
When love appears in your life or when you feel that there is someone about to enter your heart, you run away because you think it will destroy your independence. This is the ‘cheap’ excuse you use to justify being single. There’s nothing wrong with being single, that’s for sure, Aries. But there is nothing wrong with having a good relationship either. If you find the perfect person, your independence will never be in jeopardy. This is one more way you ruin love.
You have high expectations of love, Aries. In spite of everything, you are someone who believes in love. The idea you have of it is similar to the idea of those romantic movies that everyone watches on Sundays. You keep waiting for love to be something easy, something that does not bring problems. But in reality it is not like that, Aries ... And what happens is that as soon as you discover the B-side, instead of staying to fight and fight, you give up and thus ruin the opportunity to love. Your expectations are too high and when they are not met the first time, you are disappointed ...

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