Why Does Aries Not Have a Partner?


Aries, you know that you are still single because you want to. Because you don’t want someone to tie you up and break your freedom. Your time is very valuable. You live life very quickly. You always have a thousand things to do, a thousand plans to share with your friends. A thousand more things to do before looking for love. You don’t seem to have enough time to go out looking for love. And you prefer to spend your valuable time on other things that are more important to you.

And when you find that person that you like so much, it is not that you are afraid to take the first step and launch yourself to make it clear how much you can like them. It is that you do not find the time and the ideal moment to declare how much you like it.

And that person also has to know that you lead a very busy life and you, Aries, will have to relax a little. Because it is very difficult for anyone to lead such a hectic pace of life.

You are a person who likes to live life following your own rules and is very independent. It is quite difficult for you to commit to someone because you do not want them to clip your wings and make you live a life that you do not want to live and for which you are not prepared. Because, after all, it is you who has decided that it is better to be alone than to waste your precious time in love.

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