Why does aquarius ruin the opportunities in love?


There are many times, Aquarius, that you ruin a lot of opportunities to know love and to be in love because you are a very independent person. For you love is not a priority, but recognize that you like to feel loved and surrounded by someone who really feels something for you. It is very difficult for you to manage your feelings and that is why you prefer to stay on the sidelines. Aquarius, these are the three ways you ruin your chances of love:

You are one of those people who believe that love comes out of nowhere and that, if it really works, it will all go by itself. But no, Aquarius, in relationships there are many more important things besides love as such. Healthy relationships need trust, honesty, and a lot of communication. If you really want to stop ruining all your future relationships, you have to do your part and go further. You have to work on that loyalty and above all you have to make communication flow as much as possible.
You keep thinking about your past too much, Aquarius. And you don’t realize the opportunities you miss out on being so anchored to it. From now on, Aquarius, you have to really focus on the future and move forward to leave all the bad behind. If you continue to have hurts from the past, if you still do not get over your previous relationship, you will not be able to take advantage of those possibilities to relive love.
You keep hoping that love is exactly the same as what the protagonists of romantic comedies live. That is very far from reality so, to begin with, you will have to lower your expectations a little. Aquarius, love is not perfect, that is something that you have to start accepting from this moment. Love has its ups and downs, its good things and its bad things. But if you keep thinking that it is idyllic, that there are no problems, you will be totally ruining the chances you had to love again.

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