Why Does Aquarius Not Have a Partner?


Aquarius, you are single and you know very well why. You are spontaneous and quite impulsive. You have such a great personality, with so many facets, that sometimes it is difficult for you to pay attention to one of them. And that’s why it may be difficult for you to fall in love and fix your attention on someone. Because you are so free that you don’t want anyone to hold you. You always need to fly from here to there without depending on anyone. You know more than anyone how to enjoy freedom. And tying yourself to someone makes you not be able to enjoy it at all and that is why you are single.

You have a very fast pace of life. It is almost incapable that anyone can follow you. You always dream big, but you are clear about what you are fighting for and what your role in life is.

If someone falls in love with you, let them prepare for an adventure full of non-stop emotions. If he is not prepared for that, it is difficult for him to reach you, he will be left behind and you will fly alone.

But Aquarius, in that loneliness, you may realize that you do need someone by your side. Because people give you many experiences that you like to live so much. And more if that person who is going to come shares hobbies and perfectly understands your independence. Aquarius, for you being single is not a bad thing. On the contrary, you enjoy it better than another sign because you are the freest of all. And better to be single than to have to depend on someone for whatever you want to do. And if you are alone, it is because you want to.

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