Why Does a Scorpio Become a Toxic Person?


Par excellence, you are one of the most toxic signs there can be. But, you have to qualify something. You are not toxic because yes, you are toxic because they have played it on you, because they have betrayed you, because they have laughed at you in some way. And from there, everything that comes is complicated.

You do not forget, and you do not fully forgive either.

In addition, revenge as such has always predominated in your life, and not because you are a bad person but because sometimes, you anticipate karma and prefer to collect it by your own means. Even for you it is complicated because you know when you are being a toxic person, but it is very difficult for you to get away from all that.

When you suffer a betrayal such as infidelity, you literally go crazy. When it costs you so much to place your trust in someone, it hurts your soul how, suddenly, they laugh at you, how, what you thought was real becomes a lie. You hate Scorpio lies, especially lies that can do so much damage.

Betrayal pays dearly for you but deep down, look at yourself Scorpio, you have so much to gain and so little to lose if you walk away from all that shitty vibe… You are great, you have goals and betrayals should simply make you stronger. As soon as you understand that being by your side can become a gift, you will understand that whoever leaves or who betrays is missing something great, getting away from you ...

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