Why Does a Sagittarius Become a Toxic Person?


With you everything is usually quite easy Sagittarius. You are a free spirit, an emotionally “separate” person from the rest. Of course, betrayals hurt you, but in the end, you understand that you are worth too much to suffer or get into a spiral that does not allow you to progress. Many say that you can become a toxic person because you speak your mind without any filter.

It is true, the truth hurts but you are in favor of spitting out everything that crosses your mind, like it or not. And of course you screw it up a million times, but from there to being a toxic person ... Well, yes Sagi, we can all become very toxic people and in your case, it comes out when you become obsessed with something or someone and they betray you in some way. shape. You will not be toxic for weeks or years at all ...

You are not worth it so that the anger lasts long. That in the end ends up turning you off too much.

But be careful because on the days when you feel bad, you can bite your tongue and poison yourself. You will stall, you will try to find the other person’s weak points to hit where it hurts the most, you will prepare the master move, the revenge that you will serve on a cold plate, you will re-feed yourself with your rage and your accumulated anger and ... the least expected day you will have forgotten everything. So that’s your maximum toxicity. You get really pissed off but later, when you least expect it, it goes away, and also, with almost no collateral damage because you haven’t done even half of the things you had in mind. Much better Sagittarius ... You are not like others ...

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