Why do you turn your relationship into something toxic?


Most people tend to blame the other person when the relationship starts to turn toxic, but they don’t realize that a relationship is about two or more people. If you want to discover what it is that you do so badly that it turns your relationship into something toxic, continue reading, it can also be of much use in the future, grab a pen and paper and don’t miss any details.

ARIES: Aries poisons their relationships too much by getting angry about anything throughout the day. It is true that your outbursts of anger are not long lasting, but they are intense enough to destroy the other person’s patience. In addition, they do not take care of a single word of everything they say and that can do a lot of damage.

Anger should not be anyone’s first response, but Aries’ impulses often cause them to lose their roles, especially if the relationship has not worked for a long time. A relationship is a matter of two, it is possible that he / she is screwing up, but he / she is not the only one.

TAURUS: When Taurus begins to lose patience, he can hold too much resentment and that is it leads him to turn his relationship into something toxic. You can’t stop thinking about all those mistakes and bad actions your partner has made and this can cause a lot of stress. It’s okay to tell a person that they have done something wrong, but remembering it 24/7 is torture.

Taurus does it in the most unconscious way, but it is because he is very hurt by all the damage that his partner has done him. He / she should focus on moving forward and looking at all the good deeds that his / her partner is doing to regain his / her confidence, if not, it would be best for each one to choose his / her path ...

GEMINI : Gemini has a problem and that is that they sometimes speak without listening. He loves to hear the sound of your voice, but this way he never gives anyone the opportunity to express his opinion, feelings or emotions. This is not something that helps communication as a couple so this can make your relationship truly toxic.

What happens to Geminis is that they do not realize it, they have so many things to share that they do so without wanting to. On many occasions, he interrupts in the middle of a sentence and changes the subject without his partner being heard. He is a person who knows very well how to use communication, he has all the tools, all he has to do is slow down and always remember that his partner also has the right to be heard.

CANCER: Cancer is a very intense person and everything that lives does so with great intensity. He is a person who takes everything personally, takes offense too quickly and this can destroy his partner’s patience. You should learn that it is not all about him / her, you should assume that a critical comment is not always bad, and people who love it do it for your good.

That Cancer attitude can become quite toxic, your partner may feel that they will always have to be pulling the car and can run away. Cancer does not do all this on purpose, it is part of his personality and he is very clear that whoever does not like him can go the same way he has come.

LEO:  Sometimes Leo can be quite stubborn, can make your relationship become toxic and just by getting his way. A relationship involves giving and receiving, not just taking. Getting what he / she wants all the time means that your partner will never be able to satisfy his / her needs and wants. This can put out the flame of the relationship or worse, turn the relationship into something truly toxic.

Leo does it unintentionally, he is actually a very generous person, but the impulsiveness of getting exactly what he wants can sometimes with him. There must be a shared responsibility, and both parties must feel that their voice is important.

VIRGO: Virgo is a too perfectionist person, this implies that everything has to be under control and that his opinion is the only one that is valid. And yes, he knows a lot, but other people do too. This can be a huge obstacle to your relationship. Your partner can get tired of so much pressure, he / she is not aware, but he / she subjects his / her partner to unnecessary pressure of perfectionism.

Virgo should let go of the moment and not be so aware of everything that happens, he should listen to his partner because together they can create a healthy relationship. It is clear that, if he / she always goes it alone, there will only be a relationship full of toxic attitudes.

LIBRA: Libra does not like conflict at all, this makes it tend to make everything great when it is not. He is a person who is not capable of facing the conflicts of a couple, he is very afraid of losing what he loves most in this world and he does not realize that by acting like this he is already losing it ...

It is clear that the intention of Libra is not to poison the relationship, but by not being honest with his feelings he causes this whole situation. Libra should leave all their fears behind and try to resolve all those misunderstandings with their partner. You don’t want to lose the love of your life, but if you don’t fix that, everything can come to an end.

SCORPIO: Scorpio is very clear about its principles and will never act against them. This can cause your relationship to become somewhat toxic, you do not know how to twist your arm. He is a very mysterious person, it takes a lot for him to open up and he tends to deny everything. This can be quite frustrating for your partner and may lead you to end a relationship that could have been magical.

Scorpios should let their guard down a bit and not always be on the defensive. He does this because he does not want to be hurt again, he is tired of having his heart broken over and over again, but you must change your attitude if you really want someone to love you.

SAGITTARIUS: On many occasions Sagittarius has many doubts and instead of spending time with his partner he begins to create an excuse to hide his feelings and that is when he makes their relationship become something toxic. He / she prefers to do anything rather than get to work fixing something that is impossible. He knows that when the magic is over there is nothing to do.

What Sagittarius should do is not let the relationship get to that point. You must arm yourself with courage and put an end to that relationship so you can at least be friends. You are an optimistic person, but the toxicity of your relationship can cause you to become a person with a very unpleasant mood ...

CAPRICORN:  Capricorn tends to poison their relationship with constant criticism of their partner. Nobody likes to be judged and all their faults brought to light, especially if everything comes from your partner. He is quite a demanding person and whenever he sees something that does not convince him, he will say so. You should put that side of yours aside and focus on emphasizing all the good things your partner has, if not, things will end very badly ...

Capricorn has very high expectations and it is not fair to his partner. You should assume that the perfect person does not exist, everyone has flaws, including him / her, but it is difficult for him to recognize it. If Capri does not change that attitude, he can see himself quite lonely.

AQUARIUS: It is true that Aquarius can become quite a closed and distant person. Rejecting someone when you need to express your emotions is not kind and can be quite damaging to your relationship. This can make your partner feel unimportant enough and want to fly away from that toxic relationship that Aquarius is creating.

What Aquarius should do is open your mind, heart and soul to let love flood your entire interior. You have to stop being such a tough person and start to be something more sensitive. He / she tries, but sometimes it is impossible, they have done too much damage and do not trust people a hair.

PISCES: Pisces does not usually realize it, but sometimes he spends the day complaining about everything, he does not accept the possible solutions that he presents to his problems, nothing convinces him. Listening to someone complain 24/7 is exhausting and it can turn a relationship toxic.

What Pisces should do is change their perspective and instead of dwelling on the negative, they should delve a little deeper into the positive side of things. Just because something has not turned out as expected does not mean that it will not happen at another time in life. Pisces, he is constantly bitter and does not realize that being like this he can lose the love of his life.

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