Why do you keep the flame burning according to your sign?


When a relationship ends, a series of contradictory feelings arise that we do not know how to manage. Relationships do not always end due to lack of love, sometimes it is a lack of understanding or consideration with some things. Today we are going to see why you continue to keep the flame burning according to your sign, where there was fire, ashes remain ... Would you be able to rekindle it? Let’s see!


Aries, if you end a relationship, it is because you have plenty of reasons for it, however, sometimes you get down and you think about rekindling the flame. This happens because of Aries boredom, you want to inject a little emotion into your life and you know that a reconciliation would achieve it. If you fall for this at first you may feel good, but as the days go by you may also regret it. People do not change Aries and there are things that cannot be forced ... Think about it!


Taurus when you really love someone, no matter how bad things go, it costs you a world to imagine life without him / her. If the relationship gives you more headaches than joys and satisfactions in the end you give up, but you feel so alone that in order to avoid the feeling of emptiness in the end you choose to light the flame or let your ex do it. Be very careful because sometimes the discomfort caused by loneliness can also lead you to quickly fall into the arms of another person when it is not really what you feel.


Gemini if the relationship is toxic or tries to cut your freedom, it is most likely that you will run away even loving that person. As deep down in you is the pain of what could be and it was not as time passes and you wonder if now things would work. You are somewhat impulsive and you may get carried away by that idea that runs through your head to get closer to your ex in some way. Nothing is impossible Gemini, but they say that second parts were never good ...


Cancer when you love you do it with all your heart and with all your strength, that is why it is so difficult for you to put out the flame. You are one of the signs that fight the most for your relationship because you think in the old way, if something breaks, it is fixed, it is not thrown away. It is clear that you also have your pride, but as soon as you see a sign you will reconnect with the person who once fell in love with you. Cancer is to be understood, not just anyone catches your attention and as you believe in yourself you will believe that if you chose her to share your life it was for something.


Leo you only keep the flame burning if you really love and if you have not heard of a betrayal. Although you have a lot of pride when you think you are right, your heart can do it and in the end you look for a rapprochement. You think that everything in life has a solution except death, so why not try again? You may be very hurt by the behavior of the one who until recently was your partner, but if he shows a conciliatory attitude and is able to recognize his mistakes, you will forgive and you will surrender as always.


The reason you continue to somehow keep the flame burning is because since the breakup no one else has caught your Virgo interest. This is the reason why somehow it seems that you are still trapped by the person you loved. The good thing is that if you were the one who decided to break, it was sure because there were compelling reasons and it is those same reasons that will not make you decline in the least.


At Libra you do not always return with the person you were, but it is true that the flame goes out very little by little. The person who was with you meant a lot to you at the time and when someone earns a place in your heart they never leave. You know that love is not everything, but you can feel this feeling. When your relationship ends you get a little out of place and somehow you stay connected to that person. It’s a matter of time Libra, time and patience ...


You are not to fall on the same stone twice Scorpio, however and as is normal before a break you are touched, which is not the same as sunk. Your heart pushes you in many different directions, one of them may be reconciliation, but this will largely depend on the reason for the breakup. As long as there are no betrayals involved, you may even consider rekindling the flame, they say that where there was fire ashes remain and you Scorpio know how to ignite it.


Sagi if you left your relationship scalded you will not look back or to gain momentum. Now, if the thing was not so catastrophic and you are going through a dry period, you may delve into your past and get a little nostalgic. You are very much to let yourself be carried away by the Sagi attraction and if you still feel it, you are in some danger. As the most likely thing is that this relationship will not go anywhere once you approach and try it will not take long to get out of it, this may help you to make sure one more time of the result.


Capri, if you left your relationship it was because it was impossible for you to sustain it no matter how much you felt, when you are comfortable with someone you don’t just leave it that way. Most likely, that person was not giving you anything positive and that is why you will remain firm in your decision. The problem is when after a while you feel that you are not moving forward like the others, your mood makes you lower your standards and even that you consider a reconciliation. React Capri, you will overcome this slump and you will fall in love again ...


It is rare that you are giving Aquarius second chances and not because you are vindictive or anything like that, but if it did not work before, why should it work now? The problem comes when after a breakup you spend a long time without meeting or flirting with anyone. In a certain way, you miss the sensation of Aquarius conquest and be careful because if your ex appears, you will fall into the trap. If you have some feelings left and they promise you the gold and the Moor, maybe you will let the spark light and everything catch fire ...


After a breakup, a series of contradictory Pisces feelings are inevitably generated in you, you feel insecure and even somewhat helpless. During this period, you will miss the feeling you used to have when you were close to this other person and that is when the good moments stand out more than the bad ones. Before making any decision, you should let a few days pass to think and consider whether or not it is worth continuing to keep that spark lit.

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