Why do you appreciate your best friend according to their zodiac sign?


Friendship is something super valuable, something that can bring a lot of warmth to your heart and that can make your life much more enjoyable and happy. There are many kinds of friends. There are signs that are closer, more affectionate and others, however, are more reserved, but at the same time more loyal and faithful. We appreciate our friends above all for their hearts, for what they bring us to our day.



Aries is that friend who is always ready to do anything crazy. He is always ready to have a good time, to pack his suitcase and go far away or simply to spend hours talking to you. If you need someone to accompany you on this journey that is life, there is no doubt that your best friend should be Aries. He will never say no to you and, in addition, he will always propose a good plan. He’ll get you out of the house when you’re in absolute shit. From Aries, you appreciate very much that facility you have to make anyone smile and, above all, the facility you have to make all your fears and all your insecurities disappear from one moment to the next.



Taurus is that friend in whom you can always trust your deepest secrets. Everything you say will remain between you and Taurus, FOREVER. Taurus could never forgive himself for failing his word to someone he loves. If you are looking for a friend who will not be telling your things around or someone with whom your secrets are safe, there is no doubt that you should look for Taurus. He’s never going to tell anyone anything he promised to keep between the two of you. As a Taurus, you greatly appreciate his loyalty and how much he is committed to his friendship. Because in addition to all this, Taurus is a person who will always be by your side, whatever happens. For a long time that passes, no matter how much distance separates you, Taurus will always be.



With Gemini you won’t have to worry about feeling weird, or feeling like you don’t fit in. Gemini is that friend with whom you can bring out your true self, with whom you stop being afraid to show yourself as you are. And you know it because from the beginning you realize that he / she also has his / her quirks, his hobbies, his things that make him / her stand out from the rest. He has that magnetism and that way of understanding others that you will greatly appreciate his friendship. As a Gemini you appreciate his open mind and you also appreciate that way he has to communicate with you, to make you feel comfortable when you are by his side and to make the friendship very special. Gemini is a sign that is very friendly with their friends and you will discover that as soon as you enter their heart.


Cancer is that friend who appears when you need him, the one who is always by your side to give you the best advice and to lift your spirits when your day is being shit. There is no doubt that it is that friend you know you can trust, the one you can call at any time of day. Cancer leaves everything it is doing to come to give you all the love you need and more. From Cancer you appreciate his big heart and especially his advice. His empathy is something that you value very much and what it will cost you to say goodbye the moment your friendship with Cancer ends. That way he listens to you and puts himself in your shoes whatever happened to you. You appreciate Cancer because you know that he will never let you down.


Leo is that person who will always want the best for you. The best thing about having a Leo friend is that they will always support you in everything you set out to do. He will take time to help you and to give you all the love and all the help that you need. Having a Leo friend is like having treasure, because you know that their love will be the same from start to finish. In addition, he is a person who signs up to any plan, who proposes to do new things and someone with whom you will never get bored. From Leo you greatly appreciate that unconditional support and that honesty that makes all his promises always come true. You also appreciate that positive vibe that it transmits at all times and that makes you always have a smile on your mouth.


Virgo is that friend who protects you from anything that can harm you. It is that person who always stands up for you, who will defend you when they mess with you and you are not present and who will pull his nails and teeth to defend you from that person who broke your heart. Furthermore, you also appreciate her extreme sincerity. Because, even if there are times that it bothers you and that you think that he is being very cruel, in the end you realize that it was just what you needed to hear. And, above all, from your friendship with Virgo, you greatly appreciate their valuable advice. Those who give you and come straight from their heart. Virgo will always want the best for you and that is why he will always tell you the most absolute truth and will open your eyes through his valuable advice.


Libra is that friend who always reminds you of everything beautiful in you. It is that person who sees the beauty in you. He is not someone who is going to judge you for your flaws, who is going to try to bring out your darker side. On the contrary, your Libra friend will do everything possible to enhance that which makes you special. It is that friend who will remind you how much it is worth when you feel that you cannot move forward. Libra greatly appreciate that empathy that makes him put himself in your shoes when you are in shit, that way he has to get a smile from you and listen to all your dramas without even complaining. But above all, you appreciate his open mind, the one that will never criticize you for being different, for thinking differently, for dressing differently. The one that will never judge without knowing what reasons are behind.


Scorpio is that friend who helps you relax and escape from the world. The one with whom you can escape far and forget everything that hurts you. Scorpio distracts you from all the things that stress you, weigh you down, pressure you. He always brings fun plans, plans that you won’t have with anyone else in the Zodiac. But in addition to this, you greatly appreciate his honesty. Not another thing, but Scorpio is always as clear as possible and if he has to tell you something, he will tell you because he highly values sincerity. If you don’t feel like doing it, you’re not going to be trying to find a good excuse. Scorpio tells you how they are and how he feels and that is something that you appreciate very much about him. Today false friendships abound, but you know perfectly that with Scorpio you will never have such a friendship.


Sagittarius is that friend who always makes you feel better about yourself, the one that raises your self-esteem, self-love and the security you have in yourself. He has that philosophy of life and that good vibe throughout his body that when you are by his side you forget all your worries. When you are with him / her, you enter another world, a world in which there are no prejudices or dramas. A world where you can be yourself without feeling judged. In addition to everything, Sagittarius is very appreciative of his humor, the way he has to make you laugh and make you disconnect from everything. You will never get bored with him / her, he / she always has a plan prepared for each occasion. It is that friend that you know will even sign up for a bombing, the one that will accompany you anywhere you want to go.


Capricorn is that friend who will always come to your help no matter what happens. Although it may not seem like it, Capri has a huge heart, especially for the people she loves. It is that friend who is available 24 hours for anything you need. The one you know you can call for advice. But what you really appreciate about Capricorn is that maturity that he has and that temperance that he manages to bring to light in the worst moments. Capricorn always thinks cold and thanks to that, he gives you the best advice. It will tell you the things you need to hear and not exactly the things you want to hear. He is very mature and everything he tells you will come straight from his heart. You will never meet such a responsible person. He is your friend, but there are times when he plays the role of father or mother.


Aquarius is that friend who is always there to listen to you when you need to vent. He loves listening to others because that is how he learns things. It is greatly enriched by listening to your stories, learning from your experience. But the best of all is not that he knows how to listen, but that he also knows how to put himself in your shoes. When you suffer, Aquarius also suffers. He will listen to your problems and your dramas, but also, he will give you his opinion and give you one of the best advice in the world. He is a person who values friendship very much and yes, although sometimes he forgets to call you or even forgets when it is your birthday, if you enter his heart you will always have his friendship. As Aquarius you appreciate that way it has to make you feel good despite being different from others.


Pisces is that friend who knows exactly how to make you feel better. He has the key to making you laugh and the best of all is that he does not even need to hear what is happening to you. Your intuition is the best thing that ever happened to the world. Thanks to her, Pisces knows how to get straight to the point and give you her best advice without ever having listened to you. From Pisces you appreciate their big heart, the one that gives you the love you need just when you need it. He is a very protective person and will do anything to protect you and to make you happy. He will always put you ahead and will do everything so that you do not suffer. From Pisces you appreciate that kindness, that kindness, that humility that makes you get so close to others.

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