Why do people look for virgo?


Virgo, in your essence you carry that something that makes us fall in love at the moment. Inside you you carry a lot of transparency, a lot of honesty and an endless number of very well placed, perfectly placed armor, so that not just anyone enters, what they call heart, but in your case, it is your greatest gift ... This is Virgo, yes People are looking for you to the death is, because they know, that you will be to death with them no matter what happens. Seriously, your company is priceless, because with you you can go in the dark, without seeing anything and with 100% confidence, because you don’t let any of your people fall.

Virgo, the people who are looking for you to death and who love spending time in your company, are people who need a very personal and natural mini refuge ... They are very smart people, we also tell you, because getting close to you is like betting on the winning card, but it is also people who see in your eyes something that they do not see in anyone else and causes them a lot of mystery and all of this is transparency in its purest form…. They all love it.

They love you very close to their lives because they love to hear you speak. They know that your words are loaded with sincerity 24/7.
They know that you fight very hard for everything you want, that nobody gives you anything and that, for better or for worse, you say what you think and NOT what the rest of the world wants you to say. You are a very, very stubborn person, yes, it is true, but thanks to that, you do not give up just like that and you do not include yourself within the group of people who throw in the towel the first time. Very few people (not to say NOBODY) are or will be able to manipulate Virgo and that is because they are very clear about what you DO NOT want in your life ... Seriously, people who follow you and idolize you, see this and Virgo falls in love.

People look for you and want to stay with you for that very reason. You were, you still are and you will continue to be, a very clear example of mental and inner strength, constancy and resistance Virgo. Thanks to you, hard work, responsibility and mystery, they will always keep their essence and will not die. It is looking into your eyes and already knowing, that you are someone very difficult to forget ...

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