Why do people look for scorpio?


The people who move their asses to spend time with you are intelligent, risky, adventurous people, somewhat crazy heads and very, very clever. This is Scorpio, they know that just the fact of being part of your team, ARE already GREAT WORDS and deep down, almost everyone ends up wishing it, because you make it become something like an irresistible desire ... To irresistible , you, scorpion of our heart ... Seriously, being part of your charming and particular life is something truly extraordinary.

They look for you Scorpio for many reasons, but there is one that carries much more weight than the others: your commitment to EVERYTHING is almost absolute, always. Whoever is with you, can assure in a very loud and clear voice that you are humility, generosity and friendship in person. To the point of being left with nothing with pleasure, so that your people have everything. They can look for you for that reason, but they stay for a very different reason: nothing more and nothing less than the security and protection that you transmit and that people feel when they are close to you. Whoever has a scorpion in his life, will have a protective shield always ON FIRE. What reason do they have in that ...

They look for you because they love you and they love you, because you enchanted EVERYONE with your look and your personality, Scorpio.
Whoever looks for you like a madman to his madness, it is because he feels really protected with you Scorpio and that, you do not know ... There are times that you get to think too much, that you do know, especially in those people you love and that sometimes you think that he approaches you out of pure interest ... Scorpio, we are going to confess something to you: Whoever cannot get away from you right now, is because he only has eyes for you. He does it because he fell into your spell and into your world. He does it because he wants to and because he CAN, with his own voice and decisions ...

Even if you’re the intensity in person and even manipulate know (yes, that’s right , and you know it ) with your eyes, people who are with you are purely voluntarily and because they want to force .. . People who look for you do it because they want more from you. You are like a very addictive candy Scorpio, seriously, you leave a mark for life.

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