Why do people look for pisces?


Pisces, people who REALLY look for you because they love you, love you for who you are and how you express yourself in your day-to-day life. These people don’t want you to change a single iota of your crazy personality. These people do not want you to stop being PISCES in its purest form and if it happens that they are looking for it, then they are not people who should enter your life ...

Oh little fish, the one with good things that you have and that make everyone fall in love without any other remedy… That’s right, people look for your company because thanks to it they can express themselves with total freedom. Without prejudice or disturbing and inquisitive looks ... Your company gives a lot of peace and tranquility, although inside you are a true chaos (especially emotional) you manage it as you can and be by and for your people. Always.

You have no idea how good you do Pisces, many people owe you their lives for making their lives less bleak ...
Seriously, even if you have no fucking idea how to handle your problems (most of the time) in general, you do it great with your Pisces people. They admire that part of you very much. You know how to create the best advice from around the world by and for others and, for yourself, you don’t leave a single one. And if you leave it, you do not apply it, because the idea of helping others calls you more than helping yourself and dying of boredom in the attempt. You know it Pisces.

You do a lot of good to your people and they know it. They want you close, because deep down, they cannot live without your family warmth ... They want to be with you because that is how they learn to love their defects and turn them into hallmarks of which they feel a lot of pride.

They look for you and want to keep you very close because, in a way, you give them LIFE in many ways. That they take care of you and that they love you as you deserve Pisces, we only ask those people who want you close: RESPECT FOR YOUR PERSON. Let them know that, just as you can give them everything beautiful in life, you can also make it disappear. May they never forget it.

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