Why do people look for libra?


Why are Libra looking for you? Because with you EVERYTHING is different. Yours is highly supernatural and very paranormal Libra. We don’t really know why, but you enchant and attract people without hardly moving a single finger of your hands. People look for you because they know that, despite your follies and your mental disasters, you are and that you will be a very good person with one of the most creative minds of all and that wonder, they cannot let it escape.

Libra, the people who are looking for you are people with principles, with a lot of good vibes and with a taste that you shit. Seriously, people who know how to value your friendship and your company are like people who know how to admire a good painting or people who love and enjoy art ... The good thing about you is that you like to get along with almost everyone ( With the exception of some people, it is obvious, you are a Libra but you are also a strictly selective person from the cradle) and that you understand almost everyone who approaches you.

People love to spend a lot of time by your side because they do NOT feel judged. They want your company because it gives them a lot of peace, clarity, tranquility and understanding ...
Your company reassures the most nervous, hyperactive and crazy-headed people on the entire planet earth ... Seriously, you are like a walking mini antidote that heals ills and sorrows with calm, a lot of care and understanding, that above all. People want to be with you because only then, can they REALLY be them. Openly, without disguises, naturally and with all its defects and virtues. They can be themselves without being afraid that you will not accept them or that you will make them feel out of place, because with you, that is impossible.

The beauty of being a Libra is that you accept everyone as they are from the first minute. By your side, no one feels weird, on the contrary, almost everyone feels wonderful for some reason and that is really amazing Libra.

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