Why do people look for leo?


Why are they looking for you, Leo? Seriously? Is there anyone who does not know the truth? Is there any fucking reason to doubt your popularity and your supernatural powers? Come on, if there is someone who has not yet been a “victim” of your magnetism, who can speak now or shut up forever, because whoever has not loved you well before, does not have to do it now ... Leo, this is very easy And simple: people look for you because you are something like their god. Seriously, albeit well, we can do another less great comparison if you want. For people, you are the sun that illuminates all their paths of goodness, courage, sincerity, success and above all, passion.

That strong character that you have and that personality so overwhelming and exhausting sometimes, is compensated by that good heart that you hide under the odd shell ... People look for you because they know that bad things cannot happen to them that you can stop ( paranormal events or atmospheric catastrophes do not count here, you are a lot of Leo for everything but those are things that nobody can control). They look for you because you give them LIFE, because your sense of humor makes a shitty day a day when you can laugh at EVERYTHING.

They look for you because you are generosity in person and because what is yours, you make it also belong to the rest and thanks to that, you make NO ONE who can feel excluded by your side ...
You detest people who exclude others because of their social and physical differences. You detest human beings who laugh at others and who use their defects to do evil… You detest evil and that is what makes you a truly wonderful being. People who are not idiots see it. They celebrate it with you and they are grateful for it in their souls. They are with you because you are worth gold Leo and if you still do not know, start to believe it because it is THE TRUTH. People want to have a lion in their life because that is synonymous with joy, courage, honesty, love, wild sex, pampering, affection and a lot of passion. People love you very close to them because you leave a mark on Leo’s hearts and that is worth millions ...

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