Why do people look for geminis?


Gemini, we are going to tell you a secret: you are truly irresistible. Your personality falls in love and the people who are very close to you know it perfectly. You fall in love because of your naturalness and because you carry magic in your words. People look for you and love you very close to them because they love the feeling they have when they hear you speak… You hypnotize with your stories and you know it, Geminis.

People love spending time with you because you are joy and passion when the environment is cold and gloomy… Because you are very capable of making people laugh and laugh at the ugliest and saddest situations. In a way, you are the perfect antidote to be able to fight sadness once and for all. It is obvious that you have a very difficult character and that, with you, it is not all simple and easy, but if people fight to be with you, it is because of SOMETHING Geminis and you know it ... If they do, it is because they know you have one of the best (not to say THE BEST) heart of the entire zodiac. There is no evil in it, there is nothing toxic, there is no darkness ...

People see your sympathy, your desire to raise the spirits of anyone, your fast and crazy mouth that shits it too much but, luckily, it starts many very loud and beautiful smiles ...
They want you in their lives because you are like their “elixir” and because they know one of your strongest points: creativity. That’s right, next to you, a crazy and far-fetched idea, it may be the most productive idea in history and you know it. An intelligent, creative mind, somewhat crazy and with as much fantasy as yours, is say of an Oscar at least. You are not at all common, you do not seek or want to be, and the people who know you love you to death and very madly.

You are the perfect caffeine for those days when the forces decide to take a good nap. You are the ideal joy for those sad days of cold feelings. You are that shy little ray of sunlight that gets in where it can, but always through a crack, even in the darkest places ... Everything to always be able to bring light anywhere ... You are a true charm of a Gemini person and there is nothing more than talk.

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