Why do people look for cancer?


You don’t know Cancer, but you do VERY GOOD to people who have the pleasure of being part of your life. Cancer, let’s start by saying a REALITY: people who seek your warmth and your company are people who have very good taste AND POINT. This is crab, there is no one who can love and care with that intensity that you have in life in general. There is no one like you Cancer, you have no rival who can beat you in the pulse of being a “good person” because you win by a landslide.

People love spending time with you because next to you, they notice how they start to dream ... They let themselves be carried away, they trust blindly in your love and your goodness. You indirectly teach them to love all the things that they have and that they put aside ... You show them how beautiful it is to express yourself whenever you want and without prejudice or fear ... People who are very close to you are lucky crab people, because finding a person like you, it is impossible.

You are a 10 out of 10 in every way crab and the people around you can tell. You do not exclude anyone because of their differences, on the contrary, you make that person love them like never before.
You give lessons of good manners and humility when you do your own thing, especially when you give everything you have to those who have nothing, without a fucking bit of pretense that THAT is back ... Your generosity knows no limits and you love to be like that. You really like being the one to blame for a smile of eternal charity and that, Cancer is priceless ...

People who want to spend time with you do so because they were able to overcome all your barriers to see what makes you special: your heart. You take care of anyone unlimitedly, without any kind of foul play and without any commitment. You do what you want at all times and in this case, it was not going to be less. You waste a lot of understanding in your words, but you are also consistent when it is your turn and you DO NOT tell others what you want to hear. You tell them what they should listen to and by the way, you always give away some good advice for free. If you are a Cancer love.

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