Why did your ex loose you according to your sign?


Your relationship ended, for one thing or another. It could be you who decided to break up or it could be your ex. Still, you have decided to turn the page forever. In the end, your ex was the one who lost you. Not everyone is capable of knowing how to value our virtues, our good vibes, the traits that make us different from others. Read on to find out why your ex lost you based on your sign:


Your ex lost you because he was not able to handle that special energy that you have, Aries. You are a sign that transmits incredible light. It is true that you may not be suitable for all audiences, but as soon as they know where you are going, the number of things you can contribute to someone’s life is incredible. Your power and your immensity can be intimidating, but still, once you know how to get used to them, it is something that you will never forget. Your ex lost you because he didn’t know how to manage all that power you have, Aries. But still, never let anyone make you feel bad for being such a strong and energetic person to give and give. Don’t let anyone make you weaker just to make it easier to handle.


You have gotten tired of always meeting people on your way that all they do is look at their navel and that’s it. Your ex lost you, Taurus , because he was very selfish and couldn’t stop to listen to you when you needed him most. Nor did you ask for much, just a little more interest, that he put a little more on his part. Your ex didn’t spend time worrying about what your interests were. By not doing so, the most special and different side of you was also lost. A side that is full of different interests, passion, spark, life. He did not get to know a part of everything you have in store in your heart. You reserve that side for those who are really willing to know it, for those who do their part at every moment to achieve it.


You are a person with an incredibly large interior, Gemini. You are known for your words, but behind them there are thousands of things to discover. Your ex lost you just because of that ... Because he was left with the superficial layer, he was left with the mere meaning that your words conveyed. He didn’t listen further or pay attention to the feelings that might have been involved behind those mere words. If your ex had stopped a little longer and considered your point of view for a moment, they would have been able to see everything you have to offer the world. But he didn’t and that’s why he lost you. The truth, Gemini, is that you did well. Because you don’t deserve to share your space and your time with people like that. Protect it from any thief who wants to steal it.


You are intense, Cancer, very intense. Not everyone is ready to be with you. Not because it’s a bad thing, but because you deserve a person who really wants to fall in love and take love seriously. Your ex lost you because he was too immature when dealing with matters that directly affected the heart. When you started showing your true self, when you took off your armor and let out your emotions, suddenly he didn’t know how to manage it and he didn’t even do a bit of his part. This is an important step for any relationship to be healthy. It hurt a lot that that happened, Cancer, but you know it was necessary. In the end, you didn’t lose anyone, it was your ex who lost you. Your love is not scary because ONE person is scared. Always keep that in mind.


When you fall in love, Leo, you can become the most loving person in the universe. And what happens is that not everyone is willing to receive such special signs of affection. Your ex lost you because he was uncomfortable with the love and affection you gave him every moment that you felt you had to. Don’t feel guilty for talking out loud about your feelings. Actually, it is what should be done to make all relationships as healthy as possible. If your ex had really trusted you and your compassion, you would have taught him how special it can be to enjoy life with someone by your side. But, Leo, that someone is not ready to receive love does not mean that you will never find love ... Trust it.


In your relationships, you value sincerity and honesty above anything else. You know that, being such a direct and sincere person, many times you have gotten into trouble, but the truth, Virgo, is that you are not going to change for anyone. Your ex lost you because he never made you feel comfortable telling the truth without any filters. It seems that now you have to walk with lead feet so as not to hurt anyone by telling the purest truth. Your ex didn’t realize that communication is the foundation of any relationship. You weren’t willing to live in such a relationship, and that’s basically why he lost you, Virgo. The only thing that got you was to gain liberation and regain that freedom to say what you want when you want.


You have an incredible inner world. You rarely speak of him just like that. The truth is that you need to see interest, you need to notice that the other person really wants to know him in order to leave clues about him. Your ex lost you because he was not willing to swim a little more into your ideas. Because he only cares about your physique, your appearance, your image, your person. He never saw you for who you really were and he missed a lot. You missed one of the best parts of you, Libra. You always need someone to bring you new ideas, to stimulate you mentally. And that’s easy, but not everyone is willing to do it. Your ex lost you because they weren’t able to pay attention to what mattered most to you. You are demanding, Libra, everyone says it, but you really are not going to stay in a relationship unless you are comfortable.


For you, Scorpio, the future is very important. Although it may not seem like it, you want to find a person with whom you can make long-term plans, with whom you can enjoy life by your side. Your ex lost you because his goals didn’t match yours. And he was not willing to try to reach an intermediate point where both of you were happy and at ease. You are an incredibly motivated person, especially when we talk about doing things related to the future. And you don’t want to continue in a relationship in which the future matters the least. You will not change for anyone, but you can do everything possible to fit in with someone else’s plans. But you are not going to do it for someone who does not lift a finger for you.


As much as you are in a relationship, Sagittarius, you still have your friends, your social life, your life beyond that relationship. It seems that there are people who are not able to understand it ... Your ex lost you because he was jealous when he saw that you still cared about the rest of the people in your life. Your ex couldn’t bear the thought that you didn’t just have eyes for him / her. But, Sagittarius, you will never allow your freedom to depend on anyone other than yourself. Your love should never be regulated by another person. Your ex lost you because he did not know how to understand that there are other types of love that are not just romantic love. You’re not going to let someone treat you like this anymore, Sagittarius. You came into the world to be with your people and if someone does not let you be with them, they will lose you forever.


You have a hard time opening up and letting your feelings out, Capricorn. The truth is that in love you are a person who takes his time. But in reality, there is nothing wrong with it. Your ex lost you because he didn’t have the patience to know your insides. With time and with love, you can become an exceptional couple, Capri, but you have to know how to wait. If a person immediately needs to know your feelings and reach your heart, they may lose you sooner than you think. You understand that there are people who want to enter your heart, there is nothing wrong with that. But you do not understand people who are not capable of respecting the limits and knowing how far they can go and not. And your ex lost you because he didn’t know how to respect it and because he wanted to jump over that wall before you let him in ...


It is true that for you love is another adventure, but you also have your sentimental side and you like that they pay attention to you and that they know how to take care of you. Your ex lost you because having a relationship with you was thought to be like going on vacation and that’s it. It was thought that it was something that he was going to have there forever, without making any effort. You may be carefree in some ways, Aquarius, but in love you are a person who tries very hard. And you can never be with a person who does not work to maintain a relationship and who does nothing to cultivate love. A relationship is a matter of two, not just one person. Your ex lost you because they thought that it was not necessary to do anything for the relationship, because they believed that you were going to do enough for them. And the truth, Aquarius, is that to be with people this comfortable, you prefer to be alone.


You are sensitive, Pisces, and sometimes you can even be somewhat vulnerable, but as a fool you don’t have a hair. Knowing how to give second chances does not mean that you are going to give five hundred. Your ex lost you because he thought he could do whatever he wanted with you, because he believed he could betray you and you were going to keep quiet. Your sensitive nature does not mean that you are going to overlook these things, come on, that NEVER. The good thing, Pisces, is that you have an incredible intuition that alerts you when they are failing you. And thanks to her, you were able to open your eyes and realize reality. Your ex missed all the love he could have received if he had known how to value you. In the end, you have realized that you are better off without him / her.

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