Why are your feeling not responded to according to your sign?


Do you feel that you are not reciprocated as you would like? There is an explanation for this, it may be that at some point in your life you let yourself be carried away by your weaknesses or insecurities and you see yourself in a non-reciprocal relationship. Next, we are going to see why your feelings are not reciprocated according to your sign and when this can happen to you ...


If your feelings are not reciprocated, it is because you have fallen in love with the wrong Aries person. You would never allow anyone to play with you, you have plenty of character for something like this to happen to you. However, in love it may sometimes happen to you and you idealize the person for whom you feel. It seems incredible Aries, but when you insist on something or someone there is no one to get it out of your head, you have to stamp yourself alone to see the panorama.


Taurus the reason you sometimes cling to a relationship in which you are not reciprocated as you deserve is attachment. When you are single, if they give you a little love, you can make the mistake of maintaining a relationship that does not have feet or head, giving everything for someone who does not value you. Be careful with this Taurus, you have this tendency and thus not only can you lose a lot of time in your life, but you can end up having a really bad time.


It is rare that you get into a relationship in which your feelings are not reciprocated Gemini , not at least being aware of it. As you do not like to label what you are feeling until you are sure you are with the right person, you may make the mistake of declaring yourself and taking the disappointment. This happens to you because you start out as a friendship and you do not talk about what you feel until you finally have it clear or until the other person speaks. The good thing is that you will learn from it for future relationships ...


Oh Cancer when you fall in love you give absolutely everything, you leave even your own love aside, and even your dignity sometimes. This happens to you not because you don’t love yourself, but because you are a bit stubborn or stubborn in this sense. When it gets into your head that he is the love of your life, you leave yourself to the skin and forget what you really deserve. You are one of the best couples in the zodiac and you deserve the best, put this in your head or otherwise you may suffer on more than one occasion ...


I read yours is very complicated because when you are not reciprocated it is when you most insist on that person. Sometimes you are even a little masochistic, but you have always liked challenges. You are not interested in people who give you everything, you are interested in the type of person you think would be good or good for you. That type of person has to be charismatic, funny, different ... and when you meet him, Zaaas, you become infatuated with nothing else. It is likely that you suffer and you know it, but it is also likely that being so special you end up penetrating deep into the heart of that person.


Virgo your case is different from the rest of the signs, you may not be reciprocated at some point in your life for the simple fact of not showing what you feel. The person you fall in love with may even not even know anything about you, when you think you have no chance you don’t even try. Now, if for whatever it is that person approaches you and gives you enough signs of interest then you may get a little carried away to see what it ends up with.


If what you are looking for is the love of the good Libra, you should try not to confuse this feeling with lust. You have a very marked sense of aesthetics and that is why you may be carried away by a beautiful physique that does not really have any content. This type of relationship will be unsatisfactory for you because in the end you are looking for balance and for that you need a person who attracts you and who at the same time contributes things to you.


You are so passionate and erotic Scorpio that you may give an impression of someone who really has nothing to do with you. Since you are very explicit, it gives the feeling that you could tolerate anything, so at some point in your life you may try to date someone who is not interested in a monogamous relationship. When you love someone, you really do it and you have a sense of belonging that few know, if your feelings are not reciprocated, you will leave the relationship sooner rather than later.


With what your Sagittarius voucher it seems a lie that you underestimate yourself and believe that you do not deserve what you like so much or attract your attention. If you are not reciprocated, perhaps it is not because you do not like you, but because you prefer to directly label whatever it is that you are feeling as a friendship relationship and you do not give way to anything else. You love yourself Sagi, but sometimes not enough, you underestimate yourself and you think you are incapable of conquering someone who could perfectly fall in love with you, it is difficult not to reciprocate ...


If your feelings are not reciprocated Capri, it is most likely because you do not express what you are feeling. If you find someone who does not cut a hair then you may also take a step, but as you find someone just as tight as you in this sense you have it difficult. You do not give indications of real interest until you are sure of the ground you step on, on the one hand it is fine, but on the other hand sometimes you close Capri doors ...


Do not get frustrated Aquarius, if you are in a moment of those in which you are open to love, but you do not feel reciprocated by the person you like, it is because you are in the wrong place. You are aware that not everyone is good for you and that to be with someone you need to see certain things, including desire and predisposition. Maybe you need to try something new Aquarius, look at other things, other people because ultimately your soulmate will be the one who wants just as you are and is willing to accompany you through thick and thin.


If your feelings are not reciprocated, Pisces, you are probably in your comfort zone. If you don’t flirt a bit with the person you like, they won’t know that you are available or willing or willing to start something. You are very sensitive and sentimental, but when you have gone through one or more bad experiences you become self-conscious and have a hard time showing what you feel. If you like someone, do not give up anything for lost until you show yourself as you are Pisces because you usually enchant almost everyone ...

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