Why are you so loved by a Sagittarius?


There is something in your free spirit and in the way you move in life, something in that confidence and strength that you transmit in each step you take that makes everyone admire you. You create a kind of addiction that makes everyone want to go with you wherever you go.

Sagittarius, the way you interact with others is unique, very few people have the capacity that you have to deal with all kinds of people.

 You are a considerate and loyal person with everyone around you, not only with the people who matter to you, nor with the people who do not necessarily care about you, no. You are that type of person who gives everyone the benefit of the doubt and that is why you end up winning over all the people who are close to you. Sagi, when you like someone, you try to make them laugh at all times, you try hard to make people laugh because you know that that way they will be happy. If that’s not being a good person ...

On the other hand, you love life and everything around you.

You have the need to live an adventure every day of your life and you do not care what others think if what you do makes you happy. You are that type of person who dreams of having stability and a family, but at the same time you don’t want it. You love being able to feel that you are free like the wind without having to explain to anyone and without having a single concern.  You love traveling and discovering new worlds with the people you love the most, but you don’t mind traveling alone and discovering things about yourself that you have never seen before. You have an outgoing personality, you love to be spontaneous and do anything that excites you and fuels that fiery energy within you.

Sagittarius, you have a big heart. You are a very optimistic person and when love is present in your life, you see everything in a very special way. Of course, when someone breaks that heart full of goodness that you have, it is hard and it hurts, but you are always in full contact with your emotions and that makes it easy for you to get out of that hole of pain into which you fall. Sagi, don’t hold back, don’t hide who you really are, when you feel something, don’t ignore it. You like to pretend that you are fine because you think that this way you do not hurt the people you love the most, but you should pamper yourself a little and realize how much you are worth.

You are the kind of person who never gives up when the going gets tough. It is very likely that you are suffering, but you will never throw in the towel. You do not stop thinking about the things that happen to you, but you are very intelligent and you know that you have to keep going, creating new goals and fulfilling new dreams. You are very big Sagittarius, so, start to believe it and do not let anything or anyone eclipse all the good you give to the world.

And that’s why you are loved so much, Sagittarius.

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