Why are you prone to toxic relationships according to your sign?


Although some people are more prone to toxic relationships than others, at some point or at a certain age we all get fully into those kinds of relationships that take our lives as well as hook us. Next, we are going to see why you get involved in a toxic relationship according to your sign ...


Although toxic relationships bring a lot of pain, they also bring uncertainty and excitement, something that you love Aries. Although you are not a masochist, the easy thing does not conquer you, that is why at some point in your life you may find yourself in or upside down in a relationship that deep down makes you suffer and feel dissatisfied.


Most likely, you won’t last forever in a toxic Taurus relationship, but you’re too stubborn to walk away when it doesn’t work out. Nobody beats you, stubborn or stubborn, and that is why you will do everything in your power and more to save the relationship. Now, if you try until you are exhausted and even then it is not solved, then you will have no choice but to abandon the battle ...


Although a toxic relationship will most likely keep you hooked or hooked to the core, Gemini takes so much of the good energy that is almost always in you that you finally admit that you can’t handle it. What happens is that while the relationship lasts, reconciliations give you an adrenaline rush that you will never feel otherwise in your life.


Cancer, the reason why it may ever be difficult for you to get out of a toxic relationship is attachment. You have a lot of difficulty letting go of your love, even if it is literally destroying your life. You have a stamina that for some things is admirable, but when it comes to a relationship that does not bring you happiness, it is not pretty to see.


Leo seems to you that you were raised to believe that you should not walk away from problems, that you are capable of solving them, but when it comes to a toxic relationship, things get out of hand. When you fall in love you give everything, however, you are not a submissive person at all, and that is why when you find yourself involved in a relationship of this type you fight until you are out of breath, but always with the intention of looking for a solution. Throwing away the towel is not your thing, but in the end you wear out so much that there comes a point where your people don’t even recognize you ... Be careful!


You do not fall in love with any Virgo, in fact, it costs you a lot to surrender, but once you do, the least you expect is that things will go wrong. If you are ever involved in a toxic relationship, you make the mistake of blindly believing your apologies by giving unlimited second chances. You are very intelligent, and although it is difficult for you to fall into this type of relationship, if you do, it costs you a world to leave.


You are prone to getting into the occasional toxic relationship because you always see the best in Libra people, no matter how many times they show you their true face, you still want to see the bright side. You are not a masochist at all, but sometimes it takes you a while to realize what some people are like, much more when you are in love or in love.


Although you can be perfectly fine alone or alone Scorpio, after a long time of singleness you could fall into the error of getting into a toxic relationship to avoid loneliness. If it happens, it may cost you a little more than necessary to get out of it because they are so addictive that despite the bad times, it ends up hooking you. The worst thing is that when they hurt you, you try to return it and in the end you get into a loop that can end very badly ...


Sometimes you get hooked on people who, because of their way of being and acting, generate jealousy in you Sagittarius, and then you think that for this reason you are in front of the love of your life. Passion can also make you fall into a destructive relationship, so you must take these factors into account when you meet someone who catches your attention or you could end up suffering a lot.


You Capricorn the least you want is a toxic relationship, but if you get involved in it without realizing it, you think that people can change and you take it almost as a challenge. The good thing is that in the end you realize that this is not many times possible and you give up for your own good, even if it hurts your soul. You have a heart of gold Capri, but first it is your well-being and your mental health ...


Let’s see Aquarius , you are not looking for them, but if it turns out that you fall in love and then things turn out to be frog, your heart dominates your head, your stomach and even your common sense, that which in other situations is flawless. You do not like suffocating relationships in which there are more problems than joys, but when someone touches your heart, which is not an easy thing, it costs you a world to get out of them. You must know the person very well before getting into a relationship head first ...


You are so confident Pisces, that you only see the red flag when you are already drowning. When the crush hits you, it hits you hard, and at first you don’t even stop to think well if he is the right person for you or not, and then when you want to realize it, you are deeply involved in a relationship that maybe you won’t. make happy. You are not a stubborn sign, but in matters of love, when you become obsessed with someone you can become one, thank goodness that with the bad actions of the other your feelings diminish and you end up detaching yourself completely.

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