Why Are You Lucky, If Your Best Friend Is a Capricorn?


Having a Capricorn best friend is like having the assurance that you will have protection and security by your side. People who say that Capricorn has no friends because of their personality are possibly people who have met very few goats in their life. Capricorn is a reserved person, yes, but he is the perfect candidate to be the most loyal best friend of all. Why? Well, here we are going to see several reasons:

Capricorn equals LOYALTY

When they ask him to keep a secret, he becomes a grave and does not open his mouth to generate curiosity through that secret. Capricorn is very legal in that sense. If you need to vent about a very delicate subject, the goat is the ideal person, because although it does not have the title of the greatest delicacy in the world, it does have you listening and attending to give the best advice.

Anything nice that he tells you will come straight from his heart

Capricorn is not a “flattering” person who likes to captivate his people in order to manipulate and have everyone at his disposal. Capricorn is a very mature person and also, he only says nice things when he is with someone with whom he feels 100% safe. There is no 99% worth of money here, the goat needs all the security in the world.

  • Sometimes, instead of being a friend, he seems like an older brother who constantly reminds you of what you should do and the most suitable way for you to succeed in life. He cares a lot about the decisions and consequences that his people have in their hands, and that is to be admired ...
  • Despite all that cold and rough presentation label, at the bottom of the bottoms it is a real soft and cuddly cotton teddy. But of course, this facet of the goat can only be seen in very specific situations, only his best friends or his partner are the winners in this regard. Very few know the sentimental side of Capricorn, what a shame ...
  • Although he is the person with the most ballots to be the queen or king of maturity and responsibility, he also knows how to have a very, very good time. Capricorn has a very crazy and fun side ready to go out and have fun but always knowing where the limits of each adventure are. That self-control is yours alone and is one of the best qualities any best friend could have.

It is obvious that there are many more reasons that perfectly explain the importance of the Capricorn friendship. But if we tell you all, we show the goat and it would no longer be funny. What is important is to get to know her little by little, discovering the whole world that she has inside. These are just brush strokes that can guide you in a portrait that is loaded with magic.

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