Why are you in the worst moment of your relationship according to your zodiac sign?


At some point in our lives when we are with someone, the moment in which we consider whether or not to continue with that relationship may arise. The discomfort, loneliness, sadness or the feeling of emptiness like many other emotions can become unbearable. That is why here you can discover why you are going through the worst moment of your relationship according to your zodiac sign:


Aries, you no longer feel that spark that you felt when it all started. When you meet someone, you look for that chemistry that keeps you alert, you look for that feeling that you like so much, that feeling that keeps you alive. However, as the relationship progresses, you notice that the spark begins to disappear and you end up wondering if everything is on the right track,

 Not feeling the spark is not a sure sign to end a relationship, it is likely that you will need some time to re-analyze what it is you want in your life, to find out what it is that makes you happy. Aries, try to discover if it is a signal to end that relationship or you are just bored and need some creativity.


Taurus, you push yourself too hard. You are a loyal person and you really enjoy being loving with the person you love. You love spoiling that person who is giving you all the happiness you needed. When you are in love you give all your heart for the relationship.

However, you are also a pretty solid person and you don’t want to be taken advantage of. That’s why when that special someone demands too much of you, you start to rethink your entire relationship. If your head starts spinning like a Ferris wheel, it’s time you take some time to find out if that person is really asking too much of you or if they are paranoid of yours. Maybe he’s just asking you to step out of your comfort zone to give the relationship a little life.


Gemini, you are a free and independent person, so when you start to notice excessive control by that special person, all the illusion begins to fade. You are a very curious person, that cannot be denied and that is why sometimes you can have a real fear of commitment, but when the ideal person appears you throw yourself into their arms without any fear.

The problem is that your dedication is so intense that that special someone will be shocked. He won’t want to do anything other than be with you and that can make you overwhelmed. Before making decisions, what you should do is take some time to analyze if that relationship has a future, if it does, fight for it, but if not, do not wait another second and end it, neither you nor that person deserve it.


Cancer, when you fall in love you love with too much intensity, so much so that you do it out loud and without any shame, and although some people appreciate that attention, with others it does not work as much. You do not mind shouting from the rooftops the love you feel for that special person, but you must be careful. That person may not take it well and even make fun of you.

When you notice that your partner begins to make fun of you for the way you express all your feelings, that is when he begins to rethink everything. Cancer, you are a person who wants to have someone by their side who values all your efforts, who is not ashamed of you and who does not doubt you. Take some time to talk with your partner, tell him how you feel and if even if he does not understand it, say goodbye, even if it hurts, but say it ...


Leo, you have quite high standards, you want that person so special to you to know how good you are and you also want that person to be the best you can find. Your confidence tends to speak for itself from the get-go, which is why your partner often has a hard time focusing on you. Think that it is not necessary that they tell you everything you are worth, because you are already there to tell it.

However, you do not like it at all when you see that your partner is showing attention to everyone except you, and although you know that it is impossible for you to be the only person in his life, you do not expect him to ignore you completely. Before ending, find out if this is temporary, if something is happening to him and he needs to give his full attention to another party or he is no longer interested in you. Leo, he appreciates you very well, but in love sometimes you have a blindfold on that is almost impossible to remove.


Virgo, you are a person who likes to take time to get to know someone 100%. Sometimes you can be a bit skeptical and want to make sure that that special someone you are with can be trusted. The problem comes when your partner starts to pressure you to speed things up, and that’s not what you do.

It is impossible for you to feel comfortable in your relationship when your partner cannot give you your time and be patient with you. This makes you flood with doubts, since you begin to think that if someone who is not capable of respecting your time, he may not deserve someone like you to be by his side. Virgo, you are very clear that someone who does not respect your decisions does not deserve a bit of your time.


Libra, you are one of the most excitable and understanding people in the whole world. You try really hard to make your relationship as happy and balanced as possible. However, even though you don’t like conflict, you are not afraid to argue with your partner. You fight for what matters to you and you have no problem letting your partner know, just as you respect his / her ideas, he / she has to respect yours.

The problem is that your partner does not take this the same as you and every fight you have takes it personally. You do it with the intention of improving the relationship, but he / she does not. This can get you tired, so if you start to have doubts don’t worry, the weird thing is that you didn’t have them. Libra, reflect on who you are sharing your life with, is it really worth so many headaches? Reflect on it and make a decision.


Scorpio, you find it quite difficult to trust others, that does not mean that you do not fall in love, and it does not mean that you never have a relationship. When you finally commit to a person, you push yourself to make things work out 100%. However, it is very difficult for you to open up to that special person who has come into your life, especially when you see manipulation intentions.

The idea that someone wants to manipulate all your feelings can turn into a real nightmare. Before nipping in the bud, analyze very well if what you are living is real or if you are riding a paranoia of yours. You are obsessed with the idea that everyone who approaches you is because they want to take advantage of you and you are very wrong.


Sagittarius, you are a person who always prefers to keep the things that bring joy to your life, and that includes your relationship. You really enjoy starting a new relationship since things are usually easy, fun and without pressure. You know that relationships require work and effort, and you work hard at it because you want most of the moments with that special someone to be happy and unforgettable moments.

However, if your partner starts to complain about everything, you see how that begins to turn off your light and that is the last thing you want. You understand that things can go wrong and that your partner needs to vent to you, but when that becomes a routine you start to see that this is not what you want in your life. You rethink many things because you really love that person, but you do not want to be unhappy because you are by their side.


Capricorn, you value many things in this life is success, hard work and confidence. However, it is respect that you value the most, especially when interacting with another person. You cannot establish a special bond without respect, for there to be a solid foundation of trust there must be a minimum of respect between you and that special person.

But when that respect disappears, all your illusion goes to waste. You do not understand how someone so special to you does not make a minimum effort to make it work. You are very clear that you love your partner madly, but when disrespect begins to occur frequently, it is time to speak up and make things clear. You bear many things, but for you respect is the most important thing in a relationship.


Aquarius, what you value most in a person is that they have a sense of humor, that they know how to have fun in life and that they know how to bring joy to yours. It is no secret that you have a special way of seeing the world and that your points of view are practically different from those of most people. That is why your partner has to accept you as you are.

The problem comes when you start to notice that your relationship is no longer the way it was at the beginning. When you notice that that way of having fun that you both had disappears, you no longer have the illusion to continue playing the game of love. Of course, before making a decision, reflect, your partner may be going through a bad time and cannot give all of him / herself. Do not make hasty decisions, in life it is not all fun no matter how much you want ...


Pisces, you are always in tune with all your emotions and it doesn’t take long for people to notice. You feel everything with great intensity and that makes your love relationships more intense than those of the rest of the world. You are not afraid to express everything you feel and that never changes, whatever the situation.

Most people appreciate your loving and expressive nature, but you can be quite intense at times. What can affect your relationship is the way your partner handles your emotions, he may tell you to control yourself and this makes you doubt. Is someone trying to control your emotions really worth it? Pisces, value yourself, someone who tries to control you does not love you at all.

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