Why Are You Afraid to Take the First Step According to Your Zodiac Sign?


Surely at some point in your life it has happened to you that you had been talking to someone for a long time, but you were afraid to take the next step. You were afraid to propose a plan together, tell her to go further with the relationship, or even be direct with your feelings. There are many reasons why you are afraid to take that first step. The fear of rejection, ridicule, of exposing your emotions ... There are many signs of the Zodiac who are totally petrified when they think about having to take that step. Others who are perhaps less afraid but still give them respect. Read on to find out why you are afraid to take the first step based on your sign :


You have no problem confessing your feelings when it comes to something like that, Aries . You are sure what you feel and you go to the end with it. What happens is that you are very afraid of feeling rejected by the other person. In your past, you used to express your feelings without thinking about the other person’s. You let go of yours and that’s it.

Over time, you have realized that not everyone feels the same as you and that has done you a lot of damage. Now, you are afraid to take the first step because you are not willing to hear that that person does not feel the same as you. Even if you are sure of what your feelings are, you prefer to wait a little longer to see what the other person is feeling. You can’t risk asking the other person out and having them say no ...


You are known for your lack of initiative, Taurus . It scares you a lot to take the initiative in whatever. Not only your relationships, but also in your day to day. When you like someone, something inside you freaks out just thinking about asking them out. It is something that happens more often than you would like. It is difficult for you to trust the other person but also yourself.

Before doing so, you need to make sure what your feelings are. The simple idea that the other person may say no to you already traumatizes you, Taurus. You can be a very confident person for some things, but for things like these, insecurity kills you. You are more of waiting for the other person to take the first step and thus not endanger your reputation.


He can be very sociable, Gemini , but when your feelings are involved, things change. You have no problem meeting face to face to talk with that person, asking them out, making plans “as friends.” The problem comes when it comes to confessing how much you like that person. You are very indecisive with your feelings. It is difficult for you to clarify if what you feel is real or is just a whim of the moment.

For you, Gemini, it is a great challenge to be sure of what you feel and that it lasts over time. You are a very changeable person, so are you with your feelings. You are very given that you like a person a lot today and tomorrow you will forget about them. And that’s why you are afraid to take the first step, because you don’t know if your feelings are going to be the same today as tomorrow.


When it comes to love, Cancer , you are quite a shy person. You are very afraid of rejection in these types of situations. You will do your best to avoid taking the first step when you like someone. There are even times when you will die of wanting to tell that person everything you feel for them, to throw yourself into their arms, but you use your willpower not to end up doing it.

You are very overwhelmed by your own insecurities, even your past experiences. Between the fact that you are afraid of rejection and that you have already suffered a lot for love, you never end up throwing yourself. You can’t deal with yet another rejection, Cancer. You are not going to let someone break your heart again and for that reason, you prefer to wait for the other person to jump in.


Nobody says no to you, Leo . You’re used to always having your way, to being the one who wins. For this reason, you are afraid to take the first step because there is a probability, even if it is almost minimal, that they will say no. You wouldn’t even know how to react to such an answer. You know that you would be able to make a very big drama in such a situation. Your pride would be too hurt and you would not even know how to address that person from now on.

You are a person who when he is clear about what he feels, goes straight for it, Leo. When you like someone, you don’t stop until you make that person fall in love with you. But you also have your fears. It would be very difficult to face a rejection of this style. You prefer to keep your pride and ego safe and sound.


In everything that has to do with your feelings, Virgo , you are quite a shy person. You hate being the center of attention in those cases. And that’s what makes you afraid to take the first step ... Doing so means being the attention of the moment and makes you very nervous. Also, you are too critical of yourself and you will go crazy trying to find the perfect way to confess all your feelings.

You are afraid that things will go wrong, that you will not measure up, that you will disappoint the other person. You don’t want the smallest detail to spoil everything. For you, Virgo, a disappointment is unforgivable. Not only a disappointment from others, but also unforgivable to disappoint yourself. Therefore, you prefer to wait and convince yourself not to confess what you feel.


You don’t want to waste time with nonsense, Libra . When you like someone, you want that person to be who you spend the rest of your life with. One of your dreams is to find a partner who is 100% compatible with you, someone who exceeds the level of your expectations. Many times you may feel that you are going too fast and that is why you are afraid to take the first step. You don’t want to scare the other person because of your impatience.

You also have a little fear of rejection, being honest, Libra. You are afraid to realize that you have wasted your precious time with someone who did not feel the same way about you. You don’t want to take the first step just in case you run into such a situation. You are willing to wait until you are sure that this person is really your soul mate.


Although you are quite a flirtatious and sensual person, it is very difficult for you to take the first step. You are someone very heartfelt. As a good sign of water, you feel things twice as much as others and the simple idea of thinking that they are going to say no to you hurts a lot. You know yourself well enough to know that if they reject you, you will be unable to forgive that person.

You are like that and you will never change, Scorpio . You are afraid of taking the first step, not finding the answer you were looking for and bringing your dark side to light. You know how far you can go and because of that, you don’t want something like that to happen. You just prefer to wait and let the other person ask you.


You’re always back and forth, Sagittarius . It’s hard for you to really like a person. You are not usually committed to anyone and your feelings are not usually stable. It takes a long time to make sure if you really like that person or is a whim of the moment. That is why you are afraid to take the first step, because before you prefer to wait to be sure of what you feel.

Also, you have a hard time finding someone who can keep up with you. In love, you need someone who gives you stability but at the same time adrenaline. And the truth is, you don’t want to take the first step and then find that that person is not up to what you ask for. You are afraid to declare yourself and that in the end things will not be as you imagined them.


You are one of those who always expects no for an answer. You put yourself in the worst all the time and that is why you are such a cautious person. You don’t like failing others, nor do you like failing yourself. That is why you are afraid to take the first step. Because you may come across an answer you weren’t expecting and fail yourself for not having been able to foresee this before.

You are a very planning and perfectionist person. Everything has to have an order and a meaning. You prefer to wait to take that step when you are sure of your feelings, when you have perfectly planned what your strategy will be. You demand a lot from yourself and you also demand a lot from others, Capricorn , and that is why you are afraid to take the first step.


You run away from everything that has to do with exposing your feelings, Aquarius . You are super shy when it comes to talking about your things and that is why you are afraid to take the first step. Giving it means confessing that you feel something for that person and that scares you very much. Many times, when you like someone, you get frustrated because you don’t know how to express it, you know how to make the other person see how you feel about them.

Your insecurities come to light when you have to take the first step. You don’t feel confident enough to do it. You are not prepared to face such emotional rejection. You are afraid because you think that you will not know how to communicate well and you do not want that to separate you from that person.


You have too high expectations in love, Pisces . You are looking for a person who is your soul mate for life. That is why you are afraid to take the first step and ask the other person out ... Because if they say no and reject you, you will realize that you have made a mistake, that you have been excited by a person who really It is not the one.

You fight hard so that those expectations are met. You want to take the first step, but you will do it when you really have everything ready. You want it to be the perfect way and you don’t want your impulses to ruin everything. You are afraid to take the first step and be disappointed in yourself.

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