Why Are These Zodiac Signs Unfaithful?

When everything is going well in a relationship, no one thinks about anything other than enjoying it and how long they are living. When the relationship starts to go bad, the “distractions” come. Sometimes avoidance is seeing friends more, or focusing more on playing sports or some other hobby. But other times in giving way to other people. What has been cheating. All people can fall into that at some point in their lives. All. Some just mentally, but that counts too. Learn why the zodiac signs are unfaithful . Because the motivations can be very different.


Aries likes new things, creating, starting projects, moments and relationships. That’s why it gets stirred inside when something smells routine and “I already know this.” When he has a routine relationship, he breaks down, because he gets bored and loses interest. And it does not matter if the routine is in a passing story or in a stable relationship. If Aries gets bored, bad. Because it looks for where to escape. And it can end up being unfaithful. You may just think about it mentally. Or it may go further and the infidelity is real. If you do not want Aries to cheat on you, do not let him get bored, make your day to day stimulating, propose new plans or even provoke one of those fights that end in a wonderful reconciliation between the sheets.


Taurus is faithful when he falls in love. He knows that it is not easy to find someone special and he takes great care of his relationship from minute one. But he is also possessive and jealous, so he is always on guard for the slightest warning sign that “something” or “someone” could spoil his wonderful relationship. If you see danger, prepare yourself. At the slightest indication, he will protect himself. And maybe it’s giving before they give you, come on, that you can end up being unfaithful. He does not like risks, and if he thinks you are cheating on him (a fool in his imagination is already a lot), he will rather do harm than do it to him / her. You know, you put the red cloth in front of the bulls and they attack because they sense danger. Your Taurus, the same.


When Gemini falls in love, they are capable of giving up everything to live that passion that has hooked them. He becomes a romantic from head to toe, and since he has the gift of words, he uses his entire arsenal with declarations of love and insurmountable projects. But sometimes Geminis are not so clear about what they feel, or what they want, or where they have gotten ... Suddenly they find themselves in a relationship that exceeds them. But instead of talking about it (which would be his thing and more with that little mouth that God has given him), Geminis can choose to escape ... with another person. It could be said that he freaks out and takes the easy way out. Do not let him run away, make him talk, make him feel safe, and above all, do not feel locked up. That he can leave whenever he wants. You will end up wanting to stay.


Cancer gives everything in a relationship, if the relationship deserves it of course. That is the theory. In practice it is different. Cancer tries to control being in love and not suffering. But he does not always succeed and gets into more or less intense relationships over and over again. And when they hurt him many times, when Cancer is exhausted from swallowing and forgiving, the door opens to resentment and revenge. Cancer feels they are left with no choice but to cheat (an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth). And he thinks that being a “little” unfaithful helps, so he feels a “little” less hurt. If you suffer the infidelity of your Cancer, think what you have not done before so that Cancer reaches that. It is the only option he has left them. Do you already know why they have been unfaithful to you? Well that.


Leo takes control of his relationships. He carries it in his nature, he is the head of the pack. He leads his relationship because he knows how to do it, but that does not mean thinking only of himself and that his partner does not matter. Not at all. Leo takes care of his partner like nobody else. He always pampers and entertains her. The problem comes when Leo breaks down and wants to control more than normal. Your partner’s decisions, for example. And if it doesn’t go well, he gets angry, he goes crazy and feels that he has to do something to get over it. And it could be unfaithful, a bit, a fool ... that can have consequences as it gets out of hand. They are bad decisions product of fury. If you live something like that with your Leo, don’t let him explode, talk about it. If you are calm, it will be more difficult for you to do something that you have to regret.


Virgo values what it is to have a partner with a future, a stable relationship, and is not one to play with that. He knows what it takes to find people who mean something important, and he is consistent with it. Respect and demand respect. He is faithful and asks for the same. But Virgo likes sex, the more he tries it the more he likes it. It is as if it had been difficult for him to discover it in his life, and when he has, he has opened Pandora’s box. It will be difficult for Virgo not to be faithful if the person who crosses his path likes him very much very much. And also if the relationship you have is not consistent enough. Virgo knows when they have a worthwhile relationship and when it is temporary. He knows. And as you know, you relax a little more with passing attractions when you’re not feeling too engaged.


Libra is honest in their relationships. Live and let live, listen, adapt, complain softly ... But it is easy to get distracted when the level of commitment is not very high. Libra always looks so easy, like he’s always there ... that sometimes he is not taken seriously. And what happens happens. That as someone catches your eye, you can easily let yourself be seduced by the moment: romantic details, a good physique, a plan that you cannot resist ... But Libra does not feel that he is being unfaithful, he is just fooling around. Their excuse is the few explanations that they always give him / her for that of adapting to everything. And being a little unfaithful is like an act of rebellion. If you have a relationship with Libra, do not underestimate it, or stop having beautiful details, no matter how much it seems that everything is done. Don’t take anything for granted


Scorpio takes his mysterious part so far that it seems that he was born to have secrets and to hide a part of himself. Scorpios are good at secrets. And one of them may be infidelity. That it is not that you practice it when you are deeply in love. Unthinkable. But when the relationship is not stable, when Scorpio does not feel committed or has not demanded a commitment from anyone ... in that no man’s land, an intimate, sensual and playful self comes out that as you take it for a walk can end in an infidelity. If you wonder why Scorpio is unfaithful, here is the answer: for Scorpio it is not infidelity when there is no pact of surrender, fidelity and extreme commitment. It has become clear?


Sagittarius is convinced that he does nothing wrong when interacting with other people even with a partner. He is someone sure of himself, sociable and sincere… and free to have many friends. When you date someone, you make it clear from the beginning what you want, what you feel, and what you expect. You don’t have to explain every step you take every day. But you could end up being unfaithful when harmless relationships with other people can turn into something more. You know, a touch, a look, a physical attraction ... and Sagittarius is not made of stone. He does not have reasons to be unfaithful, but he does have many excuses to give to his partner: that since they had been together for a short time, that is not cheating, that he does not know how it happened, that it has not been so bad, that it is not what it seems ...


If Capricorn is with you, he is with you. For him / her, love is not a game, neither is creating a relationship. And if there is a future in the making for you, he takes it as seriously as if he were risking his life. The only reason I would be unfaithful to you would be because I think you don’t have a future. Sometimes it happens to him: he creates the relationship and at some point he realizes that you are the wrong person, even if he likes you a lot, even if he already loves you a little. But his mind is more powerful than his heart (and he likes sex a lot, even if it doesn’t seem like it). In this imbalance, Capricorn is lost, confused and could seek an escape that gives him a justification to break the relationship.


Aquarius when he falls in love is like a child with new shoes. His thing is to think and fix the world with that privileged head that he has to create situations and solve problems. But when you put your head aside and let yourself be carried away by what you feel or what someone attracts you, you enter another phase. He falls in love and is happy. Although their insecurities are accentuated in this phase. That you know that he looks vulnerable because he fears losing his freedom on the one hand, but he also fears losing you on the other. And in that insecurity, he still looks for an escape by being with another person, to reaffirm himself in leaving you or just the opposite, to bet more securely on your relationship.


Pisces as a couple is happy and gets carried away enjoying every day. If he has fallen in love, he is calm because he has what he wants. And enjoy and it makes you enjoy. But if you have problems or he sees that the relationship is getting cold, he gives him the slump thinking what must have happened. Your mind will wander. But since he does not like to think of a thousand possibilities and without having the truth of any, he will go the easy way. Find distraction with another person close to you (an admirer of those who are always there). And above all, he will tell you that you have pushed him to do it because you have not given a solution to what was happening to you. That is not lying, somehow if Pisces did not have the solution, you could have helped him with it. Or not?

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