Why are others glad to have virgo around?


Others are happy to have you in their life, Virgo, because they feel safe with you. Your arms are like a home to turn to when things go wrong or simply when our minds are full of doubts and we don’t even know what to do. You transmit so much security from the first moment, Virgo, that as soon as they know you they know they can trust you. And they are right, because you are a super honest and loyal person.

For you, sincerity is very important and you would never allow yourself to be a hypocrite who does not tell the truth or who does, but behind the backs of others. You are sincere and that is why people value you and want to be by your side. More people like you are needed today, Virgo. To people without fear of telling the truth.

People want to be by your side for life because they know that they can always trust you for anything. The secrets with you will always be safe, it is something that you will take to the grave as long as you do not betray anyone. For you, the worst thing you could do is betray someone. No matter who that person is, you would never forgive yourself.

You are a person who gives support to yours, for whatever it is. You are faithful, Virgo, and you know that your mission in life is to be there at all times for the people who need you. Even if people say you are cold, you actually have a huge heart and people who really know you know it.

Also, best of all, Virgo, people are happy to be by your side because things never go wrong with you. You always have the perfect plans, you always make the best decisions, you always succeed, and people want to succeed with you. You keep an ace up your sleeve in case things go wrong.

You always have a plan B to put into action when things don’t go your way. Whatever happens, you always triumph, Virgo, because you try to be in control of everything that happens. People want you in their lives because you make everything so much easier. People are happy to have you around because with you everything works out.

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