Why are others glad to have sagittarius around?


Others are happy to have you in their lives, Sagittarius, because you transmit an incredible good vibe. You are joy in person and you have a lot of energy in your body, so much as to give and give. People want to be by your side because with you they are never bored, with you life is a roller coaster full of fun and good times. And it is that when they say that you are the life of the party, they are absolutely right in the world.

With you nobody is ever bored thanks to that special and funny sense of humor that you have. You are someone who likes to make others laugh and who is not afraid of making a fool of yourself. There is only one life and you do not want to waste your time being bitter or being afraid of not doing something to avoid looking bad.

It’s amazing how much you can change the mood of others. Sagittarius, you are so optimistic that one of the missions you have in life is to make others happy. You always help everyone to see the bright side of things. People are happy that you are around because they know that they will always have your support and you will always give them the encouragement they need to keep going. You are capable of bringing smiles to anyone, Sagittarius, even in the hardest and most difficult moments.

But above all, people who are happy to have you in their life because with you they feel free, with you they feel that they can be who they want to be. Also, you are always there to give that little push to whoever needs it. You will always help your people to get out of the comfort zone and overcome all fears. With you, Sagittarius, everything is different.

People want to be with you because by your side there are no fears, insecurities or defects. With you, there is only laughter, good times, good vibes and sincerity. For you the most important thing in life is freedom and you want the people around you to be as free as you are. Because of that and because of your big heart, people want to have you in their lives.

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