Why are others glad to have pisces around?


Others are happy to have you in their lives, Pisces, for that huge heart that you keep inside your chest. With you everyone feels protected, it feels like home. And it is that, Pisces, you love to take care of others, you love to do everything possible so that people feel comfortable when they are by your side. You are a very protective person who is capable of anything to defend the people he loves.

You do not want anyone to suffer at any time and for this you are capable of anything. You get to such a point, Pisces, that there are times when you put the needs of others before your own. Your people are so important to you that you are able to fight anyone for them.

It is a privilege to have you around, Pisces, because thanks to your intuition you always save many people from ending up in serious trouble. Your sixth sense is capable of guessing things that others go unnoticed. Thanks to your intuition, you help people to anticipate any disappointment and any hard blow.

People feel safe because they know that when they feel something is wrong, they will come to you and receive some super valuable advice. Tips that, thanks to your intuition, earn one of the best positions in the Zodiac.

In addition, that great empathy and that great heart make you put yourself in the shoes of others, they make you feel what others feel. Words abound with you, Pisces, and that’s why people are happy to have you in their lives. Because with you everything is easy, with you talking about feelings is something normal, something that anyone can face. You are that person they know they can turn to when things go wrong or when they just need a hug. You are capable of opening even the most closed hearts and melting those that are cold. You are love in person, Pisces, and that is why people are happy to have you around.

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