Why are others glad to have libra around?


Others are happy to have you in their life, Libra, because you are a super special person. You have incredible inner beauty and people want to share their time with you because they really feel comfortable. With you people feel that they can be free, that they can be who they want to be. You have a super open mind and you never judge anyone without knowing the story behind it.

You do not judge anyone by the first impression or by the image they transmit to you from the first moment. And, also, you are someone super sociable who loves to surround herself with people at all times. Your passion, Libra, is to share your adventures, your experiences, your plans, your stories with others. You’re a sweetheart, Libra, and that’s why people are happy to have you around.

And best of all, you are someone who never seeks conflict or fight. You are someone with a lot of inner calm or at least, that’s what you try. With you there are never problems or dramas for no reason. You are not someone who seeks drama because she is bored or because she needs something interesting in her life. You are not conflictive at all and that is why people rejoice, because with you they can always be at peace. And when there are problems, you are more to speak it calmly than to start shouting and blaming anyone.

With you people can take a deep breath, feel comfortable and be at peace and for that, Libra, they want to be by your side.

Also, you are super kind, Libra, you don’t realize how generous you can be sometimes. What little you have, you always give to others. Your kindness reaches such a point that there are even times when you put the needs of others above your own. And yes, Libra, you have to remind yourself that this should not be the case, but you cannot do anything against your essence. Your essence asks you to be like that, to share what you have with others. And that’s why people are happy to have you in their life, Libra, because you have a heart that is worth gold.

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