Why are others glad to have geminis around?


Others are happy to have you in their lives, Gemini, for that spark that you always put in life. For that way you have to make everything stop being something normal and become something extraordinary. Your sense of humor, Gemini, is something that is capable of cheering up even the worst situation in the world. With you nobody is ever bored when they are by your side. You are one of those people who are capable of making smiles even in the most difficult moments.

No matter how broken you are inside, you bring out the best in you to make others laugh, so that others are happy while you are by their side. People want to be close to you, Gemini, because they know that life is much easier with you.

It is a privilege to have you close, Gemini, because you always go with the truth ahead, and that, today, is something that is appreciated. At all times, you speak with your heart in hand. You are not afraid to tell the truth or to tell things as they are. People come to you when they need to hear the truth because they know that you are not lacking in sincerity. And best of all, Gemini, you are also not afraid of people being honest with you.

You have a super open mind and that is why they are happy to have you in their life. You are super smart, you always have a different story to tell. People come to you because they love to hear your version, they love to know what your opinion is.

And best of all, people will never feel judged with you. You are someone super reasonable and without prejudice. And everyone knows that with you they can talk about whatever they want and not only talk, but also, they can be whoever they want. Also, you like to surround yourself with different people, people with stories that are out of the ordinary, people with a different past than others. And they are glad to have you around for that very reason, Gemini, because you know how to appreciate what is out of the ordinary, what is different.

You are like a kind of psychologist and that is why they want to have you close. Because besides you like to talk, you like to listen to everything that others have to say.

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