Why are others glad to have capricorn around?


Others are happy to have you in their lives, Capricorn, because you convey a lot of confidence. Despite being a very strong person and even somewhat introverted, others always see you as someone they can trust. Most people have a very wrong image of you and when they realize it, they discover that you really are a person with a very big heart.

When they really get to know you, they never want to leave your side because you transmit a very special warmth and energy. Yes, Capricorn, with you people feel at home. They feel protected and very safe thanks to that warmth that you always try to give.

The best thing about being by your side, Capricorn, is that you are honest and, above all, you are a mature person. You always say things from the heart, just as you feel them. You have lived so long, you have had to go through so many potholes, that your advice is always one of the most valuable in the Zodiac. You have very clear ideas and you know where you have to go.

People want to have you around because they know that at any time they need it, they can come for you and, in addition, they know that thanks to your advice they will be able to get out of any problem. People see you as their biggest confidant, as that person they can turn to no matter what.

Also, Capricorn, things never go wrong with you. You are so smart that you always have a plan B in case things don’t go your way. I said, Capricorn, with you people feel safe for that very reason. Because they know that if something goes wrong, you will do everything possible to change it and make sure that no one ends badly. You love to be in control of any situation and for that reason, you love that people feel good when they are by your side. Having you close, Capricorn, is a privilege. Having you close means enjoying life and enjoying your big heart.

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