Whom Do You Need by Your Side According to Your Zodiac Sign?


Often, very often, we look at the wrong people, who hasn’t happened to? We curse people’s character many times and then wham, we realize that we live with someone who has a personality that we have always hated, someone who suddenly dazzled us little by little until we were caught in his net. Each zodiac sign has certain sentimental needs, and the truth is that knowing this, we can get closer to people who suit us, and yes, who meet certain requirements. So which person do you need by your side based on your zodiac sign?


You have always known what the differences are between love and sex, but inevitably, after a lot of sex, you end up hooked. You need someone by your side who is capable of giving you both. Someone who can get involved on an emotional level and that little by little helps you discover the most hidden sexuality. It is good that that person has patience, and does not try to always take control of the relationship, for that you are already there. Sometimes, you just need them to accompany you, to understand your way of acting, to understand that perhaps, being who you give you the energy to get out of everything and that you do not do it with evil, but often, strength and aggressiveness to do things are mistaken for malice, and no. You need someone to inject you with vitality every morning and yes, to repeat what you are worth a lot, because, deep down,


You know that you are not easy to carry, you have it clear, but if they only put a little of their part, you also recognize that you are not difficult at all, the problem is when they do not put it. Anyway…
You need in your life someone calm and of course who is not very impulsive, who is not here today and tomorrow there. Yes, it can be fun one day, those mood swings can break the routine of your life but all the time like this? Please, better by far. It’s not that you’re serious, that’s good, a bit yes, it’s that you like everything to be clear, it’s not that difficult, right? Sometimes you don’t understand why they look at you weirdly when you say that safety is important to you, and when you demand that they be honest with you. You need people who are able to commit, but not just lip service, but with facts, and yes, who want to find a place in the world, with you, plant themselves, and put down roots. Sometimes you don’t have to be all day from here to there looking for something you don’t know when what you have is the best in the world, right Taurus?


You need intelligent Gemini people, enough of beautiful faces and bodies but empty of gray mass. A 50/50 would be great, but because of the way you act, you are often drawn close to those others who, honestly, almost see you as a God. You have a gift of words that makes anyone fall in love, and you know it. The people who are best for you are those who let you free, but they pick you up with a rope that they have tied you without you even realizing when you are overdoing it. And, despite the fact that you love your freedom, you also know that you need from time to time someone to tell you what you are doing wrong when you are doing it wrong, and not to follow you like nothing. You are used to doing whatever you want, but deep down, you also miss that intelligent person who stops you and explains, with good reason, that it would be better if you went the other way,


Understanding, patience, and love. With that, it’s more than half done. And it is that you, Cancer, someone infatuated and passionate who often loses his mind when the heart rules, you need someone with those qualities in your life. But beware, everything has to be to a certain extent because you would never bear, deep down, and no matter how sensitive you may be, someone inferior to you. In reality, it is not that you want them to dominate you, but that they know how to guide you when you are confused, that they know how to give you good advice when you need it. Strong people attract you, very much. Those people with strong magnetism, those who can even become aggressive, but Cancer, you have to be careful because what you need is to be aggressive, but in love, to love you madly, even to possess you, but always with tact.


You are strong and independent, but deep down, you need people like you, positive and who value you for who you are, for what you are worth, and who support you in your most important decisions. You do not need someone to say yes to everything, you do not need it because you will do the same, with or without their help, but two heads are better than one, and support is always good. You like strong people of character, and a lot, hardworking people who meet their goals too, because that helps you to achieve yours, but not the people you have to pull over and over again, because you, by much resistance that you can have, you also fall, and if there is someone who lifts you better because you will do the same if it happens the other way around, you will inject energy and enthusiasm into the most pessimistic person in the world, the most demoralized or disillusioned. But you also need them to do the same to you, because the lion also falls, the lion also sinks, the lion also cries. Although at times, it looks like iron.


You are a perfectionist, and very passionate, and obviously you need someone who knows how to appreciate those gestures that you have and who appreciates them. You do not want to live in continuous gratification but at least you do want to receive a “thank you” from him. You deserve someone who knows your hobbies, and who does not mind living with them, on the contrary, who enjoys them, because many of your hobbies are even healthy, and more than one should learn from them. Doing things well does not cost you anything, others, sometimes, it seems that it does. You need a person who knows how to respect your silences, your times, the way you do your things, who listens to you when you speak, and who does not always want to be the protagonist of any conversation. Someone who gives you, but who also wants to receive from you, really, because he understands that you have valuable things that you would not give to everyone,


You need happy, positive people who are willing to do many things. You can’t stand lazy people, or those who make monotony a way of life, because that turns you off, a lot. You deserve that person who takes you by the hand and tells you let’s get out of here, crazy, without thinking twice, that person who gives you so much security that you know that here or there will make you happy. You must approach people who are pacifists, who do not destabilize you, because you, you can lose your roles when something is not going well at all when they are trying to subtly “lead” you to a terrain you do not want to go to. You love people who fight for a better world, those who are not afraid to support a position contrary to the rest, those who do not get carried away by stereotypes or marked guidelines. And that he supports you, and that he speak and share his experiences with you, and that he listens to you and feels proud of yours, and that he wants to share everything with you. All is all. Merge with someone who is your other half and who understands that it is not only one but that you are two. And that your pain, whatever it may be, causes pain as well, and that is why take care of yourself as someone else.


It is clear that you like to handle the situation and a lot, but at the same time, the person who should be by your side must have blood, it must be someone who is not afraid to make decisions, someone who in your moments more Lows remind you of what you deserve and the value you have. You should have someone by your side strong, but not bossy, not very stubborn, or controlling, and that’s what you care for. And it is not to show off but you know that you do it wonderfully that role and that many have had to swallow his words later when they realized that in the end, what you said was what happened. You need people to contribute things to you, you are used to being the one who contributes more to others, it is difficult to live up to what a scorpion has already experienced, for that very reason, bland people, that has not had life and has nothing interesting to tell bores you. Deep down, your ideal person would be the one you admire, who is a little “more” than you, who will leave you with your mouth open when you will hear from his mouth his goals, his achievements, what he wants from life. That person whom you can idolize and that she idolizes you. And that together, joining your forces, you could do whatever you set your mind to. Those people are scarce but, when you find them, you don’t want to let go of them for the world. And that together, joining your forces, you could do whatever you set your mind to. Those people are scarce but, when you find them, you don’t want to let go of them for the world. And that together, joining your forces, you could do whatever you set your mind to. Those people are scarce but, when you find them, you don’t want to let go of them for the world.


And you want to be free, a lot, and we already know that the more they tie you up, the more you run away, and the more they pressure you, the more you escape. But it’s because they don’t know how to do it Sagi. You want them to give you freedom but at the same time you would like them to know why you should stay and not leave, but not by holding you by force as many do, but by touching your heart. And it is that few know how to take you, and it is that, despite your desire to always do what you want, you also miss someone who knows how to stand up from time to time and tell you that it is not right to always run away, that they need you close, that it’s not the same without you. You need someone who can calm you down from some of the crazy things you do often, someone who gives you the assurance that he loves you despite the fact that one day you are here and another there, someone you can trust. But really trust, that absolute trust, Know that nothing will happen even if you do not see each other, know that they will not fail you, not be afraid of being you completely. It may sound bad to say it but hollow people do not go with you, you want to know about the world, about everything, you are curious and you need people to stimulate your intelligence, to whatever degree, and not to turn it off, as they have tried many times to do.


If I tell you that what you need is more love, perhaps you think that this is not for you, that you are hard as stone, that love is a Chinese story, that after all, you don’t even trust. But yes Capri, what you need is love, but not just any love, if not an idyllic, almost poetic love. A person who knows how to get caresses and hugs and kisses from you, who talks with you and shares their experiences, but who caresses your hand or cheek in the middle of the conversation, softens your heart, the one that sometimes seems cold as ice, that that deep down, he only wants understanding and affection. You need that person who understands that when you are more serious than normal, something worries you and that you do not have to tell them or defend yourself when they accuse you of becoming hermetic. Let him take you by the hand and say: “Let’s solve it together, I am and will always be with you ”. And that is enough for you because you do not need to have more or less material things from someone, you are here to get what you want, you only need that unconditional love, that someone gives you all the confidence to be able to show everything of you and finally, feel free.


Those people who want to arrive and revolutionize your life are not good for you. Not at all. And it is that, although you can easily “fall in love”, you do not fall in love. Let me explain, you may like a lot of people, and even you stop yourself when you think that the feelings start to shoot suddenly. But what is said to truly fall in love is seldom given. And the thing is, your love is simmering. You need intelligent people by your side, who knows how to share, this is very important, and above all, that in the lowest moments they know how to look for you. Maybe that’s what is worth the most to you. In critical moments is when you realize whether or not it is worth it. You do not deserve by your side selfish people who would not give anything because you will find your happiness, for the simple reason that you never would. If you really care about someone, with or without you, May I be happy And you need a person who is capable of sacrificing his happiness for the same, to see you happy. There are few, but there are, and if not, look at yourself. And jealousy or possession don’t suit you. You cannot have someone close to you who wants to have you just for him or her, because you are independent, and you want to live your life. The person you need is the one who, knowing that your life is yours, wants to be part of it.


You idealize excessively, and what you need the least in your life are those types of people who are not clear and do not know what they want. Because you, when you fall in love, you give everything, but you also need everything. Not a quarter, not half. EVERYTHING. You deserve people who are clear from minute one, who lower your feet to the ground when you fly too high, but who do not break your dreams, who do it with tact, and who explain to you that there are other ways to achieve them. You have a lot of love to give Pisces, and you have to find that person who wants to receive it. And not all are deserving. It is very possible that you need people with character close, and not because you do not have it, but because sometimes, yours is hidden, as if it were afraid to go out, and someone who knows how to get it out can improve your life. But watch out, there are shapes and forms, The fact that I take something negative out of you is not good at all, but if it enhances your attitude and your worth to others it can be wonderful. What you have you have, nobody is going to change you, you just have to work on it a little, and someone who knows how to do it can give a radical turn to your life. With love, tact, and with patience. You need someone who brings out your full potential, which is a lot, and who uses it to your benefit, not against you.

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