Whom Do You Need According to Your Zodiac Sign?


Look how you are and we will tell you who you will be better with ... Our zodiac sign gives a lot of information about our way of being, so those who want to reach our little heart have important data there to see compatibility. Sometimes, when the spark jumps, the sign does not matter and until the women are from Venus and the men from Mars as they say. There are chemicals that are above anything. But let’s go to the typical, and let’s gossip about each sign find out with whom we can create the chemistry that destiny has not given us.


Aries your thing is the pure spontaneity, initiative, and energy to fight to find love wherever it is. You like sex, passion, love ... and you want to experience it however it is and with whoever transmits the same interest to you. And you look for it, come on yes. You don’t sit around waiting for it to arrive, you go for it all. And you find everything. And you live it, intensely. And if it is not intense, you will like it less and less.

You are attracted to calm and patient people, because they balance you, give you peace, welcome you when you are exhausted from living intensely, and pamper you at any time, but you inevitably have that attraction towards somewhat problematic and toxic people. But deep down, and the ones you really do well with are the ones that don’t get upset with your outbursts of genius or your impulses to throw the relationship overboard when you get angry, those people who know how to tame you even if you are indomitable or give you a hug and win you when you really want to detach yourself, those that, whatever happens, are always there.


Taurus, you are looking for love without haste, but without pauses. You don’t go out to travel the world to find it but when the real one arrives, you welcome it with open arms because it is what you want since you were born. And you commit, and what you promise, you deliver. And when you are in love you live to make your partner happy. Although you can make her sad when you get very stubborn and inflexible sometimes.

You are attracted to people who want to commit just like you, who have a strong character to face yours and to contain yourself in excesses. But that they are also very affectionate to give you sensuality and pampering. And that they are happy and spontaneous to get you to loosen up with your stubbornness and that you do it laughing because they have managed to convince you from the good vibes. Special people who do not have to have everything but who do give the best of themselves. And please, let them be one of those with few emotional ups and downs. You do not take too much the ups and downs without meaning, because they end up dragging you to them.


Gemini, you never stop still in life but sometimes you do it when you fall in love. If it is a love that is worth it, you do not mind staying there longer than you had thought, enjoying every moment, experiencing, and living the happiest part of a relationship. And if something can spoil it, you will rebel and want everything to remain the same, you will fight to make it the same and that you are to get bored but when you are happy with love, no.

You are attracted to different people than all those you have met, but also people like you in terms of being very vital, with a very open mind and eager to play and have fun, even if it is as a couple. They must also know how to stimulate your mind so that you never get bored and be so attractive that if it is not with them you do not want to do anything. They have to satisfy all your desires, which are many so that you do not want to look for them anywhere other than by their side. It’s not that difficult either, is it Gemini?


Cancer yours is LOVE with a capital letter. You were born with many feelings and of many types, and you distribute them among your family and friends, and in the person who occupies your heart in a big way. Being sensitive makes you live romantic relationships wrapped in pure emotion. And you are also very selective because you know so well what you want, that it is difficult for you to stay with what is not 100% to your liking. Although things are as they are, someone may not call your attention at all and yet, with perseverance and desire, win that little heart of yours.

You are attracted to self-confident people, who convince you that you can trust them because they really have what you want. People who are not afraid to love to guide you when you are afraid, because you love but at the same time you fear it so much that it makes you feel. You fear because you don’t want to lose what you have. And those people should also know that sometimes you have mood swings but that you are still you and that when you are like this is when they must show you more than ever that they would kill to stay with you. If they throw in the towel for some ups and downs of yours it is like ... Maximum disappointment ... If they hold on a little, you melt ...


Leo, love always seems so amazing to you that you live each story as if it were the first and the last. You mold each story to your liking and by chance, you drive the other crazy with love for the way you do it. You move, create and maintain ties that grow every day. Or so you hope because otherwise, the story will not be perfect and you want it not to have a single flaw.

You are attracted to people who get to know you well to know how to give you what you need, but also who love you a lot to know how to put up with some bad gestures of yours that are of the moment, everyone has them, right? And besides, they don’t go with any bad intentions. People who give you your place in the world, the one you want, but because they value and are grateful for the place that you have previously given to them. The best. Because you live to be in love and to love yours, and your goal in life is to maintain these relationships 100%. Whatever happens.


Virgo, you find in love that object of seduction that you have always been waiting for. But it is your mind that falls for something that demands continuous understanding. Love. The most intense relationship can exist between two people. And for you, that is a challenge. And while you love and enjoy your experiment, you let yourself be loved and carried away, and you are enchanted by what life has given you, but at the same time, you are very afraid of getting out of control, losing your essence, losing your dignity and above all dragging yourself ... So As long as you don’t want to organize and control what it means to be in love, everything will go perfectly.

You are attracted to happy and sincere people, spontaneous, a little impulsive but without going overboard, those who have everything that you admire and that you don’t always get. And suddenly you enjoy it in that person as if they were also your virtues. That is the love. Also, those people will have to be understanding with your little hobbies and above all, very sensitive to understand that you have them, and fears, and uncertainty with something that you cannot control, with being in love ...


Libra, for you, love is the perfect complement in your life. For the day or night, at home or to go out there, to talk about everything or to be in silence. You are happy when love is with you, you value it and do everything possible to make it last. And when there is no love nearby, you are calm because you know that it will soon come. You always have what you want. No more.

You are attracted to people with a strong character because you like them to take you, to help you with your indecisions, to respect you, but also to have a little sensitivity, to be sincere but not rude. And if they have some qualities that you lack and you like them so much, you will admire them. And admiration for the other helps keep many relationships alive, that is clear to you. If these people also share their space, friends, and time with you, you will give them everything in return. But all.


Scorpio for you, love is the greatest mystery in the world, the magic of life, because you love it as much as you reject it, and all because you need it but deep down you are afraid of losing what you may need. A bit complicated ... This is what you feel inside; On the outside, you live it, it could not be otherwise, and you fill your partner with your desire and fill her with her desires. You almost want to merge into a whole but that is impossible, although that is why you become possessive.

You are attracted to people who know how to understand your intense inner world, your fears, your desires, who share aspirations, who are a little more advanced than ordinary people, and who have something special. People who know how to melt into your arms, into your skin, since they cannot get inside, which is where you want them, inside your heart, really. Ambitious people with love, like you, who can give everything because love, the real love, demands everything. And you have to be willing to offer.


Sagittarius you are a free spirit of the world, an adventurer of life who finds in love a good reason to lose some freedom, the right one, but the necessary one to be able to get something in return. You like shared love in experiences and trips, no routines between four walls, just the right ones to have good sex, which you love so much. And there you also want to experiment intensely, as in everything.

You are attracted to people who like to travel, it could not be otherwise, people with an open mind and with a lot of knowledge or life experiences. And if they do not have them, what less do they want to have that concern, and if it is with you, better. You need independent people, very free, but also who know how to give themselves out of love, as you do every time you fall in love. You give your freedom and your time when you fall in love and that is the most important thing in the world. Something that you can “lose”, but for that reason, you do it even with pleasure.


Capricorn, you live love intensely in your intimacy, although facing the gallery you seem somewhat cold and distant. It doesn’t matter how others see it because what matters is how you see it. And for your love is your best achievement. Finding someone who wants to be by your side, an accomplice, with similar values, independent but who does not want to be alone is one of your biggest challenges.

You are attracted to people who are like that, like you, who live love with commitment, creating very strong bonds, dialoguing, and sharing the way of seeing the future. These people must also be very affectionate, to break your barriers without speaking, only through pampering, skin, the purest affection. People who hug you very tightly at night give you the strength and security that you like to have during the day. Perhaps many will tell you that you ask too much, if they really knew what you are willing to give, they would give without thinking twice, that’s for sure ...


Aquarius, your thing in love is that madness that comes, that you did not ask for but deep down you wanted, that you saw in others, and that sometimes you longed for but rejected at the same time. And when that love arrives, you live it to the minute. You do not ask yourself questions and questions, nor do you think about anything. You live to love, no matter how it comes or how it goes, perhaps deep down in your soul with insecurities but you will never show it outside.

You always have that interest in being there, whatever happens. You are attracted to different, original, creative people who know how to understand you, especially because they have bet, just like you, on a way of being and living that has nothing to do with the rest. People who live day to day, who see the future with the illusion that it will bring new things. Positive You see it that way, the past does not interest you so much now, you like the present and you like the future, and if they are shared with people similar to you, you will like them even more.


Pisces, for you, love is everything, being in love is the best way to live, and having a romantic relationship with someone is a way of life. You and everything you put yourself at the service of that love that comes in a real way but has had so many forms in your head.

You are attracted to people who want to love the same as you but with a bit of reality that helps you enjoy without fantasizing or idealizing. Daydreaming, living a dream come true. And that these people also have a lot of decision-making capacity and security to transmit it to you, so that you can relax with the most beautiful part of real love without getting frustrated by not being able to live by your ideals. People who are not toxic, who do not restrict, if not accompany, who give no matter what they receive, like you, who feel and who are sincere from minute one in order to avoid bad rolls and doubts, those doubts that sometimes you they kill inside.

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