Who needs taurus?


Taurus, you know perfectly well that you are not a person who is very easy to get along with, but you are also very clear that if they stopped to really know you they would see that you are not that difficult. You only have a few little hobbies that can drive others crazy, but who doesn’t have hobbies nowadays?

Taurus you do not like surprises too much, that is why you need someone calm by your side, who knows how to live life the way you live it. You can’t stand those people who are here one day and there the next, if they really love you, they have to know that this is not for you. You admit that in a way it can be fun as they break the routine a bit, but you couldn’t bear to spend too much time like this. You are a person who is very clear about what you want in this life and you want the people around you to have it too. Taurus you do not have time to be with nonsense you have had enough.

Taurus, it’s not that you’re a spoilsport, well, a bit yes, admit it, but you just can’t stand it when people take life all the time as if it were a joke.

That is why Taurus you need someone by your side who is like you, who has inner peace and who has set goals. But you also need someone who from time to time ventures you to live experiences that you would never have imagined living.

On the other hand, you don’t understand why they look at you in such a strange way when you say that security is something very important to you and, above all, when you demand sincerity.  Taurus, you need someone who is sincere with you from minute zero, who is capable of committing to you without any fear, because that is how you will do it if he is the right person. Taurus you need someone who wants to find an ideal world by your side.

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