Who needs sagittarius?


Sagittarius, the only thing you want is to be a totally free person without ties, the more they tie you, the more you will flee and the more pressure you feel, the more you will escape. But Sagittarius, this is because they don’t know how to do it, because deep down you like to be told that you have to stay. You need someone who knows how to leave you your space, your freedom because you know that this is not touched, but also who knows how to tell you why you have to stay and not leave. You need someone who knows how to touch your heart like never before.

Sagittarius very few people know how to take you, sometimes you seem too complicated / and that generates some anxiety in others. And it is that Sagittarius you know that it is not very easy to live with you, that is why you need someone who has a lot of patience, who knows when it is time to leave your space and who knows when it is the moment when you need a hug, because it is difficult to see, but not impossible.

Sagittarius you know that it is very difficult to find what you need, but not impossible, you know that if someone really cares about you, they will do everything possible to understand you.

On the other hand, you feel the need to have someone by your side, who knows how to put your feet on the ground, who knows how to make you stay with him / her because you are tired of them throwing in the towel with you at the first change.

Sagittarius you are a person who overflows with positivity and joy, that is why you will not bear having someone by your side who only does is infect you with negativity. You, Sagittarius, need someone by your side who knows how to enhance all that, who knows how to generate even more positivity so that you can spread joy to everyone around you.

In addition, you need someone to accompany you in all those adventures that day after day you are willing to carry out, you do not conceive of life without new experiences and that is what you want in a person who generates innovative and positive experiences. Sagittarius what you really need is a person who knows how to stimulate your mind and who knows how to understand your sense of humor, so you will be nail and flesh.

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