Who needs pisces?


Pisces you are a person who usually idealizes everything that happens to you and what you need the least in your life are people who are not clear about what they want in their life. Pisces when you fall in love you give everything to you, but what they know very little is that you also need to give everything, because if not, you lose interest too easily. You, Pisces, although you are always in the clouds, you are a fairly clear person with others and it is just what you need, that they be clear with you.

You need a person who is very clear from minute zero because if they cannot drive you crazy.

You are a person who is always dreaming and to achieve something in this life, you will need someone who knows how to get off the clouds, but without breaking your dreams.

Pisces you are a very sensitive person that they tend to take advantage of, therefore, it is very likely that you need someone with character by your side, someone who knows how to stand up for you. It is not that you need to be constantly defended, but you do need support to come to your aid when you are having a really bad time. You need someone who knows how to remove that beast that you have inside, but be careful, it is not always good to help you remove it, because once it is outside it is uncontrollable. You need to be taught to control it so that it only comes out when it is strictly necessary.

Pisces, you are very clear that nobody is going to change you, if someone loves you they have to love you just as you are. That is why you need someone by your side who wants to learn to live with your defects and your virtues and thus together you can build a relationship of sincerity and absolute clarity. Above all, Pisces, you need someone who knows how to bring out all the potential that you have inside, which is a lot, and teach you to use it for your benefit and not against you as you usually do. Pisces you are always open to love, but what you need now is someone who, in addition to loving you, knows how to value you.

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