Who needs gemini?


Gemini has always worried you too much about the image, that is, the superficial. You have always been looking for people with a pretty face and a 10 body, but that has come to an end. It is time to look at other things and it is that Gemini, you need someone by your side who knows how to stimulate your mind, you need an intelligent person, no pretty bodies with empty heads. Geminis will not have it very difficult, because due to that radiant personality that you have, everyone ends up getting close to you. It is as if they see an omnipotent being in you.

When Geminis say that you have a gift, it is true, you make anyone fall in love with your words. Best of all, you know it and you love it.

That is why you need someone by your side who lets you be free, who lets you be as you are and who does not want to slow you down too much, but who knows how to stop you in time when you are exceeding yourself. Gemini, you are a person who loves to talk and this sometimes takes its toll on you because you talk more than necessary. Sometimes you open up too much to people you shouldn’t.

You love your freedom and that of others, you believe that everyone has to be free to live their life as they please. Despite this, you know that from time to time you need someone to tell you everything you are doing wrong. Because Gemini, to be honest, you think you make everything perfect and that’s impossible.

Geminis, you are very used to doing whatever you want without paying any attention to what others tell you, but deep down, you also need a person to guide you on the right path. That person has to be very special because you know that otherwise everything will remain the same. Gemini you only need to have someone by your side who will accompany you to the end of the world.

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