Who needs aquarius?


Aquarius you are a person who, although you are not very clear about things in this life, if you are clear about how you want to live it. You can’t stand those people who only show up to revolutionize you and turn your life upside down. Aquarius, you can like a person very much, but when you see that the feelings begin to be more intense you stop yourself, you do not want them to hurt you, they have already done it many times.

You feel like nobody understands you, you feel like a weirdo in this society. That is why you need by your side, someone who knows how to see the differences and appreciate them, a tolerant person and who does not want to change your way of being because it is different from that of others.

Aquarius you are a person who does not settle for anything and you need your time. That is why you need intelligent and patient people, who know how to wait as long as necessary and who want to share all the knowledge they have inside with you.

Aquarius you love freedom and independence and you expect everyone to respect it. You need someone who sees life the same way you see it.

Perhaps that is what you need most by your side, a person who respects you just as you are and who does not want to change you, who knows how to value you as you deserve.

Aquarius, you think that this world is very badly distributed and you want to help everyone who needs it. That is why by your side you only want good people who are generous with others, who fight for a just life. In your life there is no room for selfish people who only look at their navel.  Aquarius, if you love someone, you give everything for that person, even if necessary, you would sacrifice your happiness and that is what you need, someone who does exactly the same for you. Aquarius you need by your side a person who, knowing that your life is yours, wants to be part of it.

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