Who Is Your Better Half According to Your Zodiac Sign?


They say that in the heart it is not commanded and that is why sometimes we fall in love with the wrong person. Our sign says a lot about the kind of person we tend to love and also how we do it. With your better half according to your sign we will see what your ideal partner is like and the connection points you need to establish a healthy and lasting relationship…


Your energy is well reflected in the love plane Aries, you are brave, enthusiastic, and very, very playful, so your better half is a person who in addition to understanding that you need your space, does not feel threatened by that intense character you have. You, Aries, are attracted by active, adventurous, passionate people with a certain sense of humor, if you have not yet found it we wish you all the luck in the world ... This is your better half according to your sign.


Taurus the ideal partner for you is one who is able to commit to long-term and reliably ... what do we mean by this? Well, to be well in matters of love you need a deep connection with the person you love, who must offer you, in turn, a stable relationship. As you are a bit possessive and resistant to changes we recommend you refrain from those people with a free spirit… mostly for your emotional well-being.


If something characterizes you is your Gemini mental acuity, so your better half will be that person who knows how to offer you conversations that lend themselves to different verbal games. In sentimental relationships, you tend to get very excited at first, but with the passage of time if the person next to you does not know how to encourage you, you end up getting bored ... What is your ideal partner? Well, the one who has a witty, imaginative personality and also is not spicy, it is very important that they know how to satisfy you in the sexual field if you find that person you will be completely happy ...


Cancer for your love is synonymous with family, stability, and also why not say it something routine ... You love that of being at home watching movies on the sofa with your partner, preparing typical recipes of the grandmother and everything that has to do with a harmonious and tender atmosphere. Your better half is that person who knows how to understand your sensitivity and also your changing moods, since there are days when you do not even support yourself, right? We are convinced that despite this you will find your better half since your multiple virtues make you a dedicated and loving partner.


To see Leo, it is clear that the key to having you well hooked or hooked is not to say yes to everything. You by luck or unfortunately in the field of love you like people who do not make it easy for you, however, your better half will be a person who despite this initial characteristic is willing to keep up with your occurrences and extravagances. You like to live Leo in a big way and also attract the attention of the rest of the mortals, but when you fall in love you want to form a lasting relationship and a beautiful family. That is your desire and we are sure that sooner or later you will get it… Come on, if you don’t already have it!


Virgo, you are the wife or husband par excellence, you love to take care of and protect your partner. Affectionate and helpful you give yourself completely when you fall in love, the problem comes when the other person realizes your Achilles heel, which is none other than perfectionism. Due to your level of demands, it is difficult for you to find a partner and once you find it you need it to be perfect for you. Hence, intelligent people who bring you interesting conversations and outings to places that stimulate your intellect catch your attention, you do not ask for little, right? But this is your better half according to your sign even if along the way you find some lemons.


Libra has an optimistic personality and you love to cooperate with others, so the person who earns your heart will not be able to say that you live badly ... If for something you stand out for your high level of tolerance and empathy with the rest of the world, much more with your partner, for which you are able to make certain sacrifices in order to be well. The ideal person for you will be the one who has reached enough maturity to value these traits and show you with all his love what you make him feel ... Ah! and very important that that person leaves you K.O in bed and that as you are somewhat vicious in this field, right?


Your Scorpio better half will be that person who is sure of himself and who is also willing to go from time to time to the extremes ... Although throughout your life you tend to reap many admirers, to fall in love you need an active person in every way, from mentally to sexually speaking. If you find someone who complements you perfectly you give yourself totally and love with intensity, but if the person who is with you does not give you that vibe that you need then you pass olympically from it until the relationship dies on its own. Scorpio goes to you strong emotions ...


Sagittarius your better half is that person willing to keep up with you in everything. You are very active and therefore your ideal partner will be the one like you who is willing or willing to give a touch of adventure and dynamism to the relationship. Although as a fire sign you are a possessive little bit you fall deeply in love with those people who show a free spirit, with whom you can travel and explore new worlds… In addition, as you are also very passionate if in the sexual field they give you what you need then you no longer need anything to be happy in this sense. Sagittarius you do not ask for much, just a little fun and rapport in the couple ...


If there is something that does not go to you are the complications Capricorn, that is why in love you value self-sufficiency, honesty, and responsibility. Although some people label you as distant or cold, whoever is with you really knows how much your word is worth and the commitment you acquire when you fall in love. The ideal partner for you will be that independent person with whom you can share goals and projects, you do not need a lap stuck to you, but someone with whom to establish a long-term future ... Stability and trust are fundamental for you in a relationship. Good luck Capricorn!


Aquarius you are originality in its purest form, and that is why your better half will be the one who does not intend to transform you into someone conventional… mostly because it’s impossible. You have such a magical charm and are so unique that it is difficult not to give up at your feet, however, you will only look at a person who is able to support you, and even increase your most crazy dreams. That point of madness and eccentricity that characterizes you is also reflected in your relationships… monotony and routine are not your things and therefore whoever is with you will have to have a mind as creative as yours.


Pisces, you better touch someone good because you deserve the best in this regard. You are the sign with more endurance than all, affectionate, generous, and kind you go out of your way for your partner to the point of forgetting your own needs ... you love so deeply that sometimes you feel overwhelmed or overwhelmed by that feeling. Do not forget that the person you are with must live up to those feelings because you deserve a warm and tender love that knows how to reciprocate in the same way. Your better half is that sensitive person who knows how to understand you in every way… because you are worth it!

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