Who Is Toxic for You According to Your Zodiac Sign?


What interests us most in life is attracting interesting people, who value and respect us, who make us smile and enjoy ourselves, and who give our hearts a good hug. But we should not forget those others who do the opposite to us. Energy and optimism suck us; they wear us down with their negativity and rob us of time and self-esteem. Write down well everything that we are going to tell you to know who they are and how to avoid them, these are the toxic people for you according to your sign :


The weak of spirit and complainers of life make you sick. Literally. Aries, you are to always pull forward. The people who hold on to you to move forward all do is stop you. You don’t mind helping others with your enthusiasm and energy, but you need them to learn how to do it themselves. You put the initiative but they also have to walk, not get on your back and eat your ear with their negativities. Don’t run, fly now!


Taurus, for you, that you are clear that you have to make an effort in life and that you are a very responsible person, you are not interested at all in having people around you who are the opposite. That he does nothing, that he blames others for his failures and that he plays the victim every two by three. These people try to hog you, they suck on you, they entertain you and they don’t give you anything. His game is terrible. Don’t be fooled, walk away, and don’t look back.


Those who continually judge you who never judge anyone do not deserve to make a lot of space in your life. Don’t let them get too close; they are not good for you. They are toxic people who all they want is to take advantage of what you give them. But they will neither thank you nor really value it. And what is worse, they are the ones who criticize you behind your back. Clearer the water, Gemini!


Your way of giving yourself is perfect for all those people who just want to suck but never give anything in return. They play with your feelings and make you feel that you depend on them. And if you resist, they scramble and go for it all. And they can become blind with having control over you. No one is your owner, Cancer. Your life is to share it with whoever you want. Say NO and once you take that step, you will be able to shout NO many times.

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Leo, before welcoming and helping everyone who gets close to you, think a bit about what kind of people they are. Do not be fooled by some who will only be looking for your generosity, your time, and your energy. That they only know how to complain about everything, that they do not make an effort, that they are negative with two legs. They will end up being a bad influence, bad company, and outright evil in your life. Do you already know who they are? Well, air.


Virgo, do not beat yourself up for not having noticed those people who have sneaked into your life. They are very skilled people to stick to those who are going to squeeze. And you are the perfect victim. Because you love helping because you know how to fix problems and gadgets and because your bouncer is a source of income and fun. Now that you know them, don’t waste a minute is to send them far away.


For someone like you who is pure kindness and who always welcomes everyone with open arms, the toxic people who come into your life think they have it easy to get everything they want out of you. Don’t let them. Do not let anyone feel superior to you, who does not value who you are and who confuses your pleasant way of being. Libra, surprise those little s *** friends and don’t accept their calls anymore. You will feel like God.


Although you look very strong and authentic, the intensity of your inner world is your weak point. Your fears of being hurt weaken you. Those who know may approach you pretending that they understand you or that they are like you. And despite your radar, they sneak up on you. We know that before you finish reading this you already know who they are. They are going to shit. With you, there are no doubts, Scorpio. Someone toxic has life by your side what a heavy fly. Total annihilation.


When you notice a bit of pessimism in your life, don’t think it’s those times when you turn inward and get a little philosophical. No. Perhaps it is some toxic person who is sneaking his bad vibes to you and you have not noticed. There are, Sagittarius, and you, with your optimism, with your clear way of solving everything in life, and with your lively spirit, you are a magnet for them. Well, you know. Door! Close the customer service window for all those vampires.


All those people who criticize your way of life when deep down what they have is envy do not interest you close, Capricorn. Envious people tend to complain about everything. He hurts everything other people do. They do not usually have high self-esteem and that is why they value more what other people have, but they don’t tell them, they criticize them. You are not envious, you support others and you like the way you are. Say goodbye to all those toxic staffs.


Aquarius, you go with the truth ahead. You don’t like hurting others and you don’t like betrayals. The toxic people in your life are precisely those who lie, those who conscientiously hurt, and those who criticize you from behind. A gem, come on. Stay away from them so they don’t hurt you, create insecurities, or make you feel like you are worth less than you are.


For you who empathize with others and understand them perfectly when they are wrong, you do not like cold people who feel superior to the rest. Yes, those that are always seen at a higher level. Quite the opposite of what you are. Avoid them. They will never worry about you, they will undermine your self-esteem and they will take advantage of you as much as they can. They only think of themselves. You are not like that. Run!

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