Who Is a Virgo Woman?


She is difficult to understand. Love, hate and suffer in silence. It is difficult for him to express what he has in the depths of his soul. It can be someone who talks little or who talks a lot but not about herself, not about her emotions. She often suffers from anxiety and stress. She has seasons in which she does not understand what is wrong with her, seasons in which she does not know why she feels so sad and so dull. She is very nervous and when her body suddenly “breaks” and slows everything down, she feels useless. She is Virgo.

She loves love , she is romantic and deep down she longs to find that person who knows how to calm her down, who understands that she does not want to rush, who wants everything simmering. This is how you enjoy love.
When she goes slowly, with patience, when they are deciphering her confusions, when she goes calmly through, she is a robust wall that often stands between her and the world.

She is shy at first but has a clean look. He knows that he can captivate anyone, he just needs a little time. And he also knows that he has the power to manipulate, to take everything to his ground. She wants everything neat, clean, and she needs things to go the way she wants. He already has enough with all that mental disorder, he has enough with those emotions and with those feelings that go crazy at times.

She is discreet, a good friend, a good lover, and will go out of her way to have what she wants by her side. Love with her will not be perfect, but it will be one of the purest and most real in the entire Zodiac .

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