Who Is a Scorpio Woman?


She is feared by many people. She is used to it. Being born under the sign of Scorpio creates a bad reputation for you. Sometimes he prefers it, so that nobody is too clever. His world is based on extremes, on everything or nothing. She is radical in her ideas and yes, often too extreme too. He does not conceive of gray because he believes that gray is for people who do not get wet with anything, for people who do not get involved and who want to look good with everyone. She knows that she can’t always look good to everyone. She is Scorpio.

In love , you need total surrender. She is faithful and affectionate and when you least expect it, she is also detailed. When he loves, the way he does it is incredible. You feel like it somehow traps and leads to seventh heaven. You never forget a Scorpio, whatever happens.

She is jealous, a lot, and also somewhat possessive. Sometimes, she even seems aggressive in her way of speaking but it is her way of showing affection and love, of taking care of what she considers “his”. She will never make up that jealousy out of thin air. She’s not crazy but she’s not stupid.

Scorpio can adapt to anything, is strong and has a hell of a character when treated badly. He is a good listener but will also speak the harshest words to you when necessary.

It is curious, very much, and it will not stop until it finds its place in the world.

She knows how to seduce, she puts honey on her lips and plays provocation constantly and with everything. It is very difficult not to fall into their networks, it is very difficult not to be fooled by those eyes ...

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