Who Is a Sagittarius Woman?


She is pure adrenaline and no one can resist that particular charm. He smiles a lot, it seems that he lives in a world of illusions, in a world of constant joy and fun. It even seems that their problems are lighter than those of others. It’s what he wants you to see. She can be very pessimistic but her spirit won’t allow it. His spirit in the end tells him to bring a smile to the world, to be more happy about everything, to get past the bad vibes and the bad vibes. And that’s what he does. She is Sagittarius.

He loves making others laugh, in fact, it is the main way out of everything bitter that life brings us. He laughs at absolutely everything, and sometimes he can even go as far as to screw up for it. Where you have to be serious, there is she biting her lip to keep from laughing.

She always lives in love with something, with her partner, with life, with traveling ... Her element is fire and she has a great passion for everything she does. He loves to meet new cultures, interesting people who bring him intelligent conversations.

You want to feel free but at the same time you want to feel security. It doesn’t go like a headless chicken through life, but you can never tie or hold it. You fall in love with her without knowing it, without realizing it, little by little, until you realize that you cannot live without her presence. She is Sagittarius .

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