Who Is a Pisces Woman?


She is delicate but intense, soft but tough, rebellious but docile ... She dreams of a better world, she dreams of the life she wants and wants and knows that sooner or later, she will end up getting it. She is Pisces.

She is capable of brightening the days of others, but also capable of making them much more bitter if she wants to… She can become a contradiction in herself. But he is aware of it. And sometimes he doesn’t know how to handle it, and sometimes he goes into infinite blockages ...

Pisces smiles a lot even though their life has not always been easy. Usually he longs for many memories of his childhood and feels nostalgic when those scenes from other stages of his life come to his mind.

She knows she deserves something great but she lacks self-confidence. Sometimes he would have to believe it a little more and not just pretend to believe it.

She is faithful and normally acts based on what her heart dictates. Love occupies an essential place in your life and it is only when you have it that you feel completely happy and complete. Idealizes people and falls in love with intelligence and culture. Of what they can contribute and not so much of the physical. Despite this mania of fantasizing about everything, he suffers a lot. He has a very different way of seeing the world, and that way is different from everyone else. But her dreams will continue to be hers and even if they try to change many things about her, she is clear about it, she will not change for anything or anyone.

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