Who Is a Libra Woman?


She needs more love than she asks for, but she never liked asking for anything. She has doubts, many. And she is often not sure what she does or does not want. You need attention and not feel lonely even though you have to have your lonely moments. Sometimes, the burden that the world exerts against her overwhelms her and if she could she would go far away to forget everything. She daydreams but is always down to earth. She is Libra .

She is fearful, and thinks a lot about what could happen in the future in every decision she makes. He never decides impulsively, he goes round and round everything before choosing.

She is good with others but gets very irritated when she sees that something is not fair. And he has to say it, he has to express himself. She knows that the world only learns when she sees examples so she will be the first to criticize what is not right.

Libra has a very good heart and a good background, although sometimes they lose their ways. She will always be ready to argue, to reason, to talk. But she will always be ready to find solutions, to avoid bigger problems.

She is not afraid to go after her dreams even if it is alone, she is independent although it is often difficult for her to give that push. In the end, if you find the reasons, you will move from where you are to do something better.

It may appear fragile on the outside, its appearance is sensitive and sweet , but it has a strength few imagine. She is a good girl, but always for good ...

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