Who Is a Cancer Woman?


She feels, she suffers, she can be radical and love to hate you or hate you to love. She is often complicated, it is difficult for her to make clear what her true feelings are. She is shy at first, yes, she is ashamed of many things but throughout her life she matures, and sometimes too quickly. She is full of feelings that sometimes she does not know how to manage. She can love and hate very easily, she is kind and sweet and in the Zodiac, there is no one who has the purest feelings than her. She is Cancer.

He loves to live off illusions, he loves to mount his movie in his head and watch it over and over again. Sometimes it seems that he lives in another reality very different from that of others, but at the end of the day it is his reality. And she likes it even though it can hurt her many times more than living with her feet on the ground.

She cries often, she knows that this is one of the ways her body has to “cleanse itself” of pain, nostalgia, anger or rage. His tears are always true.

She has the need to protect others, whom she loves, she wants to feel that she is worth to calm down, to help ... And she is right. But it takes a lot for him to walk away from problems, put the past behind him, and make life-changing decisions even though he knows he needs it.

She knows that sometimes she just needs someone’s push to take those steps that cost her so much, but she also knows that on the least expected day, when she finally understands the strength and capacity she has with everything, is when she is truly reborn. She is one of the most special

 people you will find ...

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