Who are the friends with the right to touch according to your sign?


Although there are signs that are more prone than others to stable relationships, and there are also those who prefer more liberal relationships, when we are single we all sometimes experience what they call “friends with the right to touch.” Next, we are going to see how you handle yourself according to your sign with these types of experiences ...


Aries, you have no shame when it comes to having a relationship without commitments, you know how to perfectly separate the concepts. When you fall in love of course you are willing to surrender and commit yourself, but if this does not happen you will not deprive yourself of some other experience of this type. As a friend with the right to touch, you are just as wild and passionate as when you are in a relationship. You are always willing to try new things Aries and to let yourself be carried away by that predatory instinct that is so hooked.


You Taurus that friends with the right to touch you are not very good, it is not that you can not let yourself go at some point, but it is not common for you. You value friendship above all else and that is why it is difficult for you to think about the possibility of having intimate relationships with a friend. If you really care about someone, you try not to cross the barrier. To be able to sleep with someone without feelings at a certain moment that person must be a complete or a complete stranger to you and even then we have our doubts.


Gemini , you do not make a commitment to yourself just like that, you must first be sure of many things, among them that they will not steal your freedom. It is precisely for this reason that you can have a relationship of friends with the right to touch. You do not intend to play with anyone, but you consider that one of the most important things before starting a relationship is to be able to have a beautiful friendship. In this way, while you check that he is the right person, they have fun in every way including intimacy ...


Cancer it is clear that you are not a saint and when you have been alone for a long time you have your needs like everyone else. By this we mean that at some point you may have a friend with the right to touch, although it is not usual for you. You are interested in real and permanent relationships, but in what comes, you may sometimes let yourself be carried away by a moment of passion and desire. Probably you will not repeat Cancer and if you do it is because that person interests you more than you imagined ...


You are pure fire Leo and that is why being single you can see yourself falling into the temptation of one of your suitors who you will classify as friends with the right to touch. However, you do not like this at all and it could even get you tired. When you repeat intimately with a person it is because you really like him and you will not be willing to tolerate him being free like the wind. You do not give yourself in skin and soul just because and if you do it is because your intentions are different ...


Although it may not seem like it because of your sensual Virgo appearance, you are surprisingly old-fashioned. To you that of the adventures is not that they cannot happen to you sometime, but it is not what you are looking for. In your heart of hearts what you really want is a committed relationship and that is not why you are against casual relationships, but you prefer to be with someone special. You have very clear things Virgo with this and with everything, the way you project and achieve your goals is admirable ...


You can’t help it Libra, you love a flirtation and an ego boost, especially when you’re single. The fact of feeling admired by someone can awaken your most passionate desires and thus forge a relationship of friendship with the right to touch. You know how to differentiate your feelings and emotions very well and if you do not fall in love, but you understand yourself with that person in other ways, you will launch yourself to enjoy yourself as a boy or a girl.


Oops Scorpio, if you have a relationship here, I’ll catch you here, I’ll kill you, you’ll avoid friendships or continually backsliding. In addition, if you do, you could fall into a state of infatuation in which if you are not reciprocated as you wish, you would take it really badly. When you feel Scorpio you do not share with anyone, you know that having a friendship with the right to touch would only cause you problems. Although sometimes you are a bit stubborn, you realize everything and in the end you always do what is best for you and what causes you well-being.


Sagi you have no problem when it comes to having a relationship of friendship with the right to touch, but yes, not with anyone. For this you know that you must find a person who thinks like you and with whom you also feel affection and respect. Just because you have a very open mind does not mean that you like to be used as a throwaway bandana because you would not do this to anyone. If in addition to intimacy you achieve some empathy and communication then it will be a bargain for you ...


You do not find that causal relationships very funny, Capri, you respect everyone who thinks it is necessary for themselves, but you are not going for it. You are very wise and you know that you cannot say that you will never drink that water, but most likely you will not. You don’t let anyone into your life unless you consider it important and you know how to perfectly separate friendship from love. In your head does not enter that of flitting around without having a nest where to perch Capri ...


You are one of the freest and most independent signs of the Aquarius zodiac and, although you may sometimes be with someone just because of physical attraction, it is not the most common thing for you. You don’t like things to get complicated and you know that if you mix your friendship with other things, someone can get hurt. You are not an extremist Aquarius at all, but in this sense you consider that you are or are not with a person, the intermediate point is not ideal in your case ...


If you are intimate with a person it is because there is something you like about them besides the external and it is likely that you will end up falling in love with Pisces. Relationships with friends with the right to touch you are not good for this very reason because they would end either in a romance or a heartbreak. You can not rule out that this happens to you sometime in your life, you are very given to experiment in terms of feelings. When you involve yourself more than necessary in this sense with someone who does not want the same thing as you, you get hurt and hurt. Pisces watch out!

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