List Of The Irish Celtic Gods and Goddesses

List Of The Irish Celtic Gods and Goddesses

The Celts were the people who lived in the region of Great Britain and Western Europe around the years 2000 and 4000 BC. Because they were different people, they had many gods that were worshiped in certain times or regions in their culture. In this text, we have separated some of the main gods for you to know according to the region where they were worshiped.

Irish Mythology


Let’s start not with a god but with a hero. Cuchulain was a warrior, son of the god Lugh, who was revered and had his battles narrated by the poets of the time. As a great hero, he inspired people both in war and in the difficult times that the Celts went through.


He was a warrior and hero with a name that means “light.” As he had the power to create magical weapons, he was considered the god of blacksmiths. He was the keeper of an invincible sword and spear, which shows his prestige.


The fire goddess inspired healing inspiration, art, and fertility. In addition, she was also a warrior goddess and had mastery over metals.


She is a great queen and goddess of war. It has the power to transform itself into several animals, normally appearing as a crow and inspired warriors in battle. It also had the power to predict the future.


He is the god considered the great benevolent father. He is the god of magic, wisdom, and abundance. He was known for being kind to everyone and everything, in addition to having enormous knowledge. It has a bat as a weapon in which one side kills men and the other has the power to revitalize them.

Gallic mythology (region extending from France to Belgium and Italy)


He is the god of fire and brightness. It is portrayed in the legends by different names, but always preserving the character of a solar god that inspires the Celtic peoples.


He is the Celtic god of animals and nature. He is represented with long hair and sometimes horns, but always with animals at his side. It can turn into a snake, wolf, or deer.


It is the goddess of horses. Protective of animals, it also represents fertility, motherhood, and abundance. It is usually invoked to bring prosperity and protection.


He is a god and also a king. It has the power of fertility and healing. With his big hammer, he can hit the earth so that the plants wake up and spring begins.


It is the god of thunder that passes through the sky in his chariot, also causing lightning. He is also a warrior god often invoked on the battlefield.

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