Which Zodiac Signs Have a Broken Heart?


When they hurt us, we suffer. And if there are feelings involved, they can break our hearts. That a relationship ends, that they cheat on us, or that they reject us hurts a lot. But of course, not all of us suffer in the same way, nor does the pain last the same, nor do we heal in two weeks. According to our sign, it is possible to intuit how each one suffers and how long it takes to heal.

The sufferers of the Zodiac are two signs of Water, Scorpio, and Cancer, and one of Earth, Taurus.

The reason for this has a lot to do with their delivery method. TOTAL. And also because they tend to be very possessive. Losing something affects them a lot. They usually value their relationships above many things and when they end, it hurts (terribly also if they are not the ones who have ended them). And all because betrayals are fatal, and if they separate you from someone’s life when they had promised you otherwise, it is not treason for someone to come and say so. The suffering of these three signs includes tears, and above all, retreating to the inside to heal the wounds, to analyze what happened, and to try to recover to return (the latter take time to start).

Back ... or cured or half cured. There is the question. Because these three signs went from love to hate in a second with the breakup. The resentment tends to feed what is not understood with the heart and that is where these three broken hearts move. Extending their suffering for not knowing how to leave the past behind or for doing it but resentful.

Among the three, Scorpio is the one who recovers the best. But by his own strength, by his ability to renew himself, by his power to transform reality and transform himself despite having been in the background. Taurus bets hard and returns to normal, slowly, with many doubts, distrustful, horrified by the change in status ... but it comes back ... The worst person is Cancer, who usually loses a part of himself in breakups because in relationships he leaves up to the skin. But when Cancer returns, it makes it stronger. And that is a wonderful thing.

For the following sufferers of the Zodiac, Leo, and Aquarius, living a change is disconcerting, as fixed signs that they are, just like Taurus and Scorpio. They face the break trying not to see reality, they want to escape from facing the situation. And for a while, they can fool even the most painted by pretending that nothing is wrong with them.

Deep down, they try to fool themselves into thinking that if they don’t think twice about their grief, time will heal everything, their hearts will get well and everything will go back to the way it was before. But as before it will never be. The other person will no longer be there. It is then their turn to face the loss, although it is true that they have bought some time, and that always helps when you want to cushion a fall.

Leo’s ego suffers in parallel with the heart. To recover he will do so by looking for loving company and plans in which he can show off and feed his vanity and pamper his heart to compensate. No one is going to take away the feeling of fear that it will happen to him again when he falls in love again, but Leo is brave and without value, there are no prizes. Aquarius suffers but between how rational he is and what he loves freedom, he ends up finding an escape from the situation. He thinks that now he will have more time and will be able to do whatever he wants and that is good for him to find a way out of discouragement.

The two less suffering Earth signs than Taurus are Virgo and Capricorn. Among those who know how to control their feelings and who usually analyze situations very well, these two signs are the ones that were expected, long before the break came. And that anticipation has given them some scope to be more prepared and suffer less. They were already alert to certain signs and had been mentalizing.

Virgo and Capricorn know how to combine their partner’s decision with their own realism. Being very practical as well, they analyze everything in a practical way and heal their heart by exercising control that makes them feel more secure. To return for love, they will do the same. In a practical way and what it touches. The pain will be carried inside ...

Libra suffers when they leave him, obviously. All the doubts and questions that assail the rest of us in this sign become an ordeal trying to understand what has happened. Tried to know what to do, when, and how. If you also have to explain to your numerous social agenda what has happened, your head is spinning. But Libra surprises in a short time because it is not one of those who sink very much or for a long time. You are looking for things to do or what it takes to get out of that hole. And soon it will be available again. There is a whole world out there to know and enjoy.

Another of the signs that suffer less, or rather, that recovers well despite the fact that it seems otherwise, is Pisces. Her ability to escape on a daily basis comes in handy when her heart has been broken. He will suffer, that is clear, and perhaps he will hit rock bottom, but he will realize that only by walking and looking ahead will he succeed. While he evades, time passes and that is essential to heal the wounds. There is no better law than that in matters of love and for any wound. If in addition another love arrives soon, or signs, Pisces recovers the dreamy look in a short time. Being alone does not go with Pisces, so there it becomes realistic and bets strongly on the new love.

The three signs that we have left, Aries, Gemini, and Sagittarius are the “least” sufferers of the Zodiac, always bearing in mind that there is no one who loves does not suffer when being abandoned or when something that he valued is over. But these three are doing very well, apparently. As they know how to hide it well, they get people not to bother them too much talking about the subject. And that helps to forget. In addition, they are to seek answers and find them: A nail pulls out another nail. New plans and illusions. There are plenty of them in the world and you don’t have to waste time looking back.

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