Which zodiac sign is the hottest kisser?


Each sign hides a perfect kiss that can make someone else fall in love. Each sign has a very special magic that makes their kisses different from all the others ... There are movie kisses, kisses with drama, goodbye kisses and very passionate kisses. Next, we leave you a ranking of the HOTTEST kisses of the zodiac:


HEAT, DESIRE AND PASSION. In reality, there is no exact word that can define everything that a lion’s kiss conveys. They are from a movie, from another world, it is that with just a touch of their lips, you can already touch the sky while still having your feet on the ground. With the lion, surprises can rain by the millions, because his kisses are playful, very experienced and always reach the key place.


Aries kisses are capable of reviving finished feelings and warm any cold heart. They can come to relive lifeless emotions that we didn’t even know we had. They convey a lot of passion, but they are also mixed with little touches of shyness at first… They are perfect for people who want to experience a love story with very high expectations.


If you want to experience a real soap opera kiss, heart attack and hot like him alone, try to conquer Sagittarius. It is the zodiac sign with the best fame in terms of its kisses ... Of them, they say that they are very energetic, but that they also know how to be very soft when the occasion deserves it. They say that they fall in love, that they transmit many things and that they are loaded with chemistry. Check it out and you will see ...

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Wish. Cancer kisses are very sexy and transmit a lot of fieryness in a very short time. Just by touching the skin, they can cause sparks, because the crab knows how to enchant and fall in love with just a touch of its lips ... Cancer deep down, although it may not seem like it, is a very shy person at first, but as it gains confidence, his kisses do too and that is pure gold ...


Magnetism in the form of kisses loaded with a lot of magic, chemistry and passion. A Scorpio, there is no one who can overshadow him in terms of wet, hot kisses, the kind that take away your sense ... Deep down, Scorpio is usually very subtle at first, but when he gains confidence, he lets go and you don’t see what way ... His kisses revive everything, everything, everything.


Emotion. Geminis are always looking for new ways to experiment (whether in love, at work, or wherever) and with their kisses as well. Gemini kisses transmit a lot of energy and spark, they are very seductive and it shows that they have a very clear mission: to make a difference. Gemini is characterized by being a very playful person, so you can imagine the rest ...


MAGICAL. Libra kisses do not win the prize to the hottest, but they do to the most magical, because they enchant the second. Libra is a lot of tenderness at first, but then it has a very unknown background. A very rebellious self, who does not get carried away, who wants more, who likes to experiment and who, against all odds, ends up being something really shocking. Libra could be one of the signs that kisses the best ...

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TENDERNESS. Pisces kisses are not the hottest, but they are the most comforting and sweet. Pisces loves to combine his kisses with hugs, with slow caresses and well, with the odd surprise, because his kisses are full of mystery, like Pisces ... He loves to transmit through his kisses, he loves to play, but he also wants it to be reciprocal.


Exclusiveness. But why? Because Taurus is a very select person for EVERYTHING, and for his kisses, it would not be less ... Taurus kisses convey a lot of security, but they also spread a lot of mystery, because first they are very soft, shy and even small. As the relationship progresses, they gain strength, like Taurus. Until they get SPECTACULAR.


Perfection. This is Virgo, perfection in person. He will not win the prize for the hottest kisses, because he already has one: the one for the most sincere kisses in the entire zodiac. Virgo, through his kisses, transmits everything that he can NOT tell you with his words. It can express SO MUCH that even Virgo is sometimes scared. They are the mirror of your soul.


There are people who assure that the kisses of the goat are pure ice. Surely, those people are envious that they have been rejected by a Capricorn in their life, because ice also BURNS. What is obvious is that Capricorn kisses are not the most expressive and fiery, but that does not mean anything, because they always leave you wanting more.

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Aquarius kisses are not the most risque, worse eye, that does not mean that they do not heat up to rage, because they are very unpredictable and are possibly one of the kisses that have the most possibilities to make you fall in love for life. That’s right, Aquarius is a lover of experiencing everything, and in a matter of kisses, it was not going to be less ... Imagine and dream.

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